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Key Benefits of Forward Folding Camper Trailers

Forward-folding camper trailers have become the trend in recent years. Unlike the rear fold, the floor moves up to create an open space above. This style quickly found preference among camper trailer buyers. This article will consider the benefits of forward-folding camper trailers that have made them more beloved over time.

They have Lesser Footprint

The movable part of the camper goes above the vehicle instead of backwards like we have in rear-fold campers. This design allows the camper to take up no extra space when the floor is raised. Since forward-fold camper trailers take no extra footprint when the camper is released, they become preferred for campers who use different campsites often.

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With a lesser footprint, these campers can fit in almost any campsite. This makes them more flexible travel options than rear-fold campers. You need enough space to accommodate the regular size of your trailer. You can park at any campsite without having to set up tents or rent a cabin.

They are Easy to Set-Up

Another significant benefit of forward-folding camper trailers is that they are easy to set up. You only need to get the hang of the poles that hold the awning, and you are good to go. You may also need to adjust the pole extensions due to the tent’s height. This may seem complex at first, but you will quickly get used to it after the first few times.

The easy setup also makes it easy to pack when you are ready to leave. This feature makes the forward-fold camper an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts who travel often. It will save you time as you move from one camp to the next. You also don’t need to peg anything down, so you need only minimal effort to set up and pack up.

They are Less Expensive

Many camper owners love forward-folding camper trailers because they are pretty affordable. The models tend to be cheaper than alternatives in the initial purchase price and cost of use. Since forward-fold campers are mostly lightweight, you can tow them with almost any good tow vehicle.

The minimal weight also means that these campers don’t require much fuel to tow them. The lesser purchase price and little savings in cost over time culminate in forward-fold campers being more economical than other campers and recreational vehicles.

They Offer More Comfort and Convenience

Many believe forward-fold campers are uncomfortable. This belief is not valid. Forward-fold campers are very comfortable. They feature a hard floor that gives a solid base to move on.

The setup is also ideal for convenience. There is a proper bed, kitchen, and toilet for you to use in the camper. You can also alter your camper over time to suit your taste.


Forward-fold camper trailers are currently enjoying great love in the recreational vehicle markets. If you are trying to decide between one of these and another trailer, these key benefits are what you are set to gain if you choose a forward-fold camper. Each model also offers additional features you can consider before making your final decision.