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Recent research shows that up to a quarter of Brits plan to ditch the rat race in the new year to follow their dreams. The most popular options of alternative career appear to be influencer, tattoo artist, party planner, author and/or personal trainer. 

The nation’s workers are stuck in a career rut and daydreaming of starting something new. Research by international coding school Le Wagon, suggests that four out of ten brits feel like they are on a “hamster’s wheel” when it comes to their job, with one in two dreaming of a career pivot. Over a third hate what they do and wish they could quit to do something more meaningful with a quarter looking to ditch their job in January just to do something more exciting. 

Afflicting the UK Public in their thirties, it seems that around the age of 37 we feel most stagnant in our work with women feeling disillusioned a year earlier than men. Media depicts twenties as being the decade where you’re socially allowed to experiment and try new things, with thirties being where, according to social norms, you’re supposed to be firmly rooted in your career and benefitting from the security of a fulfilling career and family life. We’re expected, certainly by the two generations of people entering the workforce after us, to have it all worked out and to be the example of security and functionality. 

Social pressure aside, things are changing and in the UK workers in their thirties are the most likely to be planning a work make-over, with four in ten saying they spend their days daydreaming about having a completely different job. Half would do something completely different while others plan their own businesses. 

A fifth would like to be a travel consultant, while 15 percent want to do something more creative like pen a novel. Between ten and thirteen percent dream of acting, presenting or being social media influencers. Interestingly the same number are drawn to the technology sector to become either an app developer, video game designer, web designer or VR/AI engineer. 

Andrew Moffat, General Manager at Le Wagon UK, which commissioned the research said, “Our research indicates just how many people are stuck in a career rut and want to try something new. Switching your career by learning new tech skills can often seem like a huge leap, but every day at Le Wagon we see people at all stages of their life transform their career opportunities in just 9 weeks. Within 6 months, over 90% of our students then use our dedicated career services and employer networks to find a job that fits their needs, passions, and ambition.

“Tech skills, like being able to develop an app, offer greater earning potential and flexibility in terms of remote work when compared to more traditional roles. These skills also serve as a great foundation for becoming an entrepreneur.”

According to the research which included polls with two thousand UK individuals, up to half of those polled already have a creative idea that they want to pursue or that they can believe can work. Comparatively, in the technology sector for example, one in four admit they would like to make the move but don’t have the skills to make the leap.

When it comes to starting a business, half admit that not having to answer anyone is a motivation, while two-thirds are just looking for an enjoyable job that pays for their outgoings. No longer is the aim to settle down and hoard one’s wealth after a lifetime of hard labour to develop a legacy, now it’s about enjoying one’s life.

Four in ten confess they are not brave enough to make the jump into a completely different career with the biggest barrier being the fear of the unknown. Other prevalent concerns include taking a pay cut, getting a foot in the door as your own professional entity and retraining. 

The career landscape has significantly altered over the last number of decades, with professionals continually changing jobs/careers as communication has become more global based and remote working is on the rise. In plenty of industries and certainly those mentioned above, staff are no longer shackled by the available jobs in a certain city or office. 

Of those who have made the leap and changed their career, the advice is to have the confidence and courage in yourself, do not be afraid of doing something different, and just be brave and go for it. Remembering that life is too short to stay in a job you do not like is also key.

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