As we get older the festive season takes on a different aspect for us. As the Winter Solstice turns around and it gets colder the desire to spend time with family and friends is mitigated by the calculation of how long the resulting hangover will last. It is a decidedly “adult” thing to take this into consideration and for some marks the end of childhood fantasies and in a small way the spirit dies…

Whereas in the past this period would boarder on a heathen practise of drinking consistently for several weeks without so much as a flick of a headache, today the calculation of downtime is predominant. The solution may be in the form of an alternative that provides a smooth and crisp gin that feels like you’re indulging but with a much lower alcohol content to preserve the brain cells and mornings.

Having a lighter Christmas doesn’t mean giving up your favourite indulgences. Inginious Gin is the perfect spirit for G&T lovers looking for a low ABV tipple to enjoy over the festive season. Whether it’s for the designated driver, the one looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption, or the one simply wanting to wake up feeling fresh on Christmas Day, Inginious is the ideal spirit to share this holiday season. The perfect gift or even something just for you!

A 5ml serve, compared to the standard 50ml double serve of gin, mixed with 150ml of tonic is the perfect combination, resulting in a familiar Gin and Tonic taste experience which we all know and love, but with only 0.2 units of alcohol per serve. Inginious Gin is created using carefully selected botanicals for a well-balanced, refreshing drink which does not compromise on taste. A 5ml measuring spoon has also been designed and comes with each purchase to ensure a perfect Inginious pour every time.

Lighter in calories yet still feeling like a treat, Inginious Gin is packaged up in a beautiful bottle, making a lovely present for a gin lover looking for a new alternative to enjoy all December long. It is the gift that will keep on giving – once the festivities are over, Inginious Gin will keep you going throughout Dry January (and beyond)!

Inginious Gin is now available online at, RRP £26.00.

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