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Since he was eleven years old, Godfrey Willy knew that his future would involve tourism and adventure. He knew in his heart his office would be the vast plains of Tanzania and his legacy would change lives not only for those visiting Africa but for the local communities as well.

Years later after earning a diploma in Tourism Management from the Tanzania Institute of Wildlife Research, he embarked on shaping his enterprise. What began as a solo, one-man operation to share his love of his native home, soon grew into a fifteen person business operating a fleet of vehicles through hundreds of tours a year.


Highly selective of who he works with, Godfrey insists that his tours are led by guides who can educate, entertain and be flexible enough to make the most of the unexpected. There is always something happening and knowing where to go and when to be there, and how to engage those on the tour, is where the difference between a good safari and a great adventure is found.

Additionally, unlike many other companies, African Traits drivers and guides are not limited by the amount of petrol during their tour, making sure to cover a big area of park during their visit. This also empowers the guides who can make decisions while on tour about where to go to make sure the clients have the best safari experience.

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To ensure guests have the best African safari experience, African Traits alternates the in-tour accommodation between hotels and tented camps so that their clients get the chance to try both options. With a wide selection of hotels and tents of different levels available, it is as much about the post-safari ambiance as the comfort of the pillow and mattress to provide a well-earned deep sleep. On-safari, each client has a window seat to enjoy, and pop-up roofs supply panoramic views during game drives. Vehicles are equipped with a fridge to keep drinks and water cool and for safety, all have seatbelts, fully equipped first aid kits and the drivers are first aid trained.


Following a temporary hiatus during the pandemic, African Traits returned to find that the taste for wild safaris was stronger than ever. He noticed that, following Covid, visitors were especially interested in personalised, tailormade tours that were non-catalogue. He believes it’s because for a long-time people were forbidden to travel and this changed many people’s priorities. Suddenly, their life-long dreams of safaris in deepest Africa were put to the top of their bucket lists.

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To meet this enthusiastic demand, Godfrey has instigated a new plan dedicated to customer reach out using social media for 2023. The organisation dedicates three hours daily for social media creation appearing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked IN.  Drivers have gone through intensive training to update themselves in touring and customer care and vehicles are being upgraded to new models in the new year. The upcoming seasons will also bring new and exciting tour packages and programmes with a focus on south Tanzania.

PRICE: Between $300 and $700 per day

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255 658 552 186

EMAIL: info@africantraits.com

WEBSITE: www.africantraits.com

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