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How To Make Road Trips Easier for Wheelchair Users

America loves cars, and we all end up going on a road trip eventually, whether it’s for business or pleasure. This is an exciting prospect—a chance to explore the world and experience new destinations. However, those who use a wheelchair may find road trips stressful because they have a few extra needs. To help everyone enjoy their travel experiences, here’s how to make road trips easier for wheelchair users.

Find the Right Vehicle

Most cars aren’t made with wheelchairs in mind. For the easiest and most enjoyable road trip experience, you’ll want to get yourself a mobility van that is designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users. With these mobility vans, wheelchair users can even regain control of the driver’s seat and have the option to travel solo if they want to.

When looking for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, however, you have two options: new and used. New models are designed for wheelchairs from the get-go and provide features and amenities you may enjoy. Used mobility vans are, of course, pre-owned, but it’s worth noting some used vans are vans that have been converted into wheelchair-accessible vans. This makes them more affordable, but they may lack some of the features that new models can provide you.

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Give Yourself Extra Time

Sometimes, the greatest luxury you can give yourself is time. While planning your trip, you’ll already be accounting for traffic, weather, and more. All you need to do is consider the needs of the wheelchair user and plan accordingly so that the person has extra time to comfortably maneuver and take care of their needs.

Strategize Restroom Stops

Before you leave for your trip, one of the best ways to make road trips easier for wheelchair users is to consider where you can find wheelchair-accessible restrooms. Many of the rest stops you find along highways aren’t ADA-compliant, but businesses like Starbucks often have ADA-compliant bathrooms that you can use. Keeping this in mind beforehand will ensure you know where you can pull off and stop whenever the need arises.