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7 Unique Features To Look For In A Luxury Holiday Home 

When it comes to planning a luxury holiday abroad, there are certain features you’ll expect to find in a high-spec holiday home. What sets these properties apart from a standard holiday stay is the special attention to detail that makes enjoying a luxury holiday truly memorable. 

While not every high-end property will feature these amenities, here are some of the most popular that you might look for to really live the high life on your next holiday. 

Picture-Perfect Views

Views are important and can take a normal property to something out of this world instantly. Nothing beats arriving at your holiday property to find an amazing view and outside seating where you can relax and take in the stunning vistas. And, when it comes to choosing a luxury rental, paying attention to the surrounding views makes all the difference. Extra points are given if you can find somewhere with a balcony or floor-to-ceiling windows that maximise that view all the more and enable you to enjoy the scenery throughout your holiday. 

Stunning Manicured Gardens

It’s not just the interior of a property that can make it seem more luxurious and high-end. The surrounding gardens are just as important. Impressive gardens are a feature to celebrate. A luxury holiday home often has beautifully-maintained gardens that have blooms year-round, vibrant lawns, decking and furniture so you can enjoy the space when the weather is nice, or an electric awning over a patio area so you can enjoy the warm weather in the afternoons. 

Swimming And Gym Equipment

The luxury of being away from home is having the time to enjoy activities, and people are willing to pay extra for high-end and healthy facilities when they travel. From endless pools that let you burn off steam to saunas and steam rooms that are the perfect way to relax tense muscles when you’ve been out sightseeing, luxury rentals have in-house and outdoor features that help to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. On holiday, when you’re being extra indulgent, a property that has at-home workout facilities is a covetable space that people are willing to pay more for. 

Refined Décor 

On a luxury holiday, the finer details truly matter and planning is paramount. You want to know precisely what you are paying extra for, so an upgrade in the amenities a property has to a higher standard can result in a more luxurious place overall and will all help to create that indulgent experience. This may be 100% cotton and cotton-rich bed linen, boutique towels or spa-like rainfall showers and freestanding tubs. These features elevate your everyday routine to something special, and that’s what sets a luxury holiday apart from a more sophisticated vacation that makes you look and feel a million dollars! 

Comfortable Home Cinemas

A home cinema is the ultimate indulgence, dedicating an entire room to comfy recliner chairs and a big screen TV so you and your family can enjoy movie nights in style. It’s a luxury that not that many people have, so if your holiday rental has a home cinema set-up, it’s guaranteed to be a desirable feature that you’ll enjoy for the ultimate in escapism. 

Smart Sophisticated Gadgets

Smart features are becoming increasingly common in high-end holiday rentals and are something that more of us are looking for. Smart devices make somewhere convenient to live in, ultra modern and more comfortable. According to Helpful Holidays, the most popular gadgets to look for in a luxury holiday home include:

  • Coffee machine
  • Remote control heating
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Streaming sticks
  • Games consoles
  • Mood and motion sensor lighting
  • DAB radio

High-Tech Security 

People also want to feel safe in their holiday homes, and in luxury rentals, security features should be a must. From smart locks that provide keyless entry, so only those who have been granted access can get into the building to safety alarms. Video doorbells are also a feature that more luxury properties are having installed.

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There are plenty of reasons to seek out a luxury property when searching for your next holiday home. More often than not, those high-tech and indulgent features are worth the extra money. Unique holiday homes vary from boutique rentals in London to stylish glamping options in rural locations. But, any top-end holiday properties will all have some wow-factors in common that can help to create a holiday where you can live the high life and relax in five-star style.