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Why You Need To See The Saga in San Antonio

Whether you’re staying in San Antonio for a weekend or a month, you’ve probably planned out a bucket list of San Antonio experiences to have. While almost everyone in the U.S knows about the Alamo, and many locals will tell you about the amazing Missions National Historic Park, The Saga is something you may not have heard of. Keep reading to learn why you need to see The Saga in San Antonio.

What Is The Saga?

Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, you can find the San Fernando Cathedral covered in lights and pictures. French artist Xavier de Richemont created this light and picture show, popularly called The Saga, in 2014 after creating incredible video installations around the world in places like France and Mexico. His 24-minute show, displayed on the oldest operating sanctuary in North America, depicts local, state, and national history for roughly 20 minutes.

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Why Should You Watch The Saga?

There are many ways to learn about local, state, and national history, but doing so with incredible music and beautiful light and picture displays is a unique experience you’ll never forget. History will come alive before your eyes as you watch this stunning artistic display. As further incentive, every Saga show is free, and you can even find free public parking in the area as well. There’s no reason to avoid this amazing show.

When Will The Saga end?

Another reason that you need to go see The Saga as soon as possible is that it’s coming to an end. Richemont’s show is only scheduled to last through 2024, which means we’re quickly running out of time to enjoy it. While there will be many other ways to learn about San Antonio and U.S history and many other impressive art and music installations, none will compare to the incredible combination that is currently The Saga. You need to see it while you have the chance.

You need to see The Saga in San Antonio because it is an incredible show, and it won’t be around forever. San Antonio offers its locals and guests a variety of incredible experiences, but after 2024, The Saga won’t be one of them. If you’re planning a trip to the area in the next two years, then you need to take time to see the show at San Fernando Cathedral.