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4 of the Best Things To Do on Mljet Island

Found in the southeast of Croatia’s Dalmatia region, Mljet Island is truly a vision to behold. This all-natural island is scarcely inhabited and covered head-to-toe in lush woods and glimmering lakes. This is a must-visit location when you want to relax and bask in Mother Nature. If a trip to Mljet sounds up your alley, here are four of the best things to do there.

Hang Out in Sobra

Most get to Mljet by ferry from Dubrovnik, Split, or Korcula. Your ferry will most likely drop you off in Sobra, a small, picturesque town on Sobra Bay. Sobra is a great place to stay during your trip, as it has many cozy guesthouses and incredible restaurants where you can try Croatian treats like rakija and kroštule.

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Visit the National Park

Here’s a fun fact about Croatia: did you know the country is 10 percent park? The Mljet National Park is one of Croatia’s many parks. It covers the entire northeastern section of the island and is home to pines, lakes, and various indigenous species. We highly recommend renting a bike and hitting the trails. In the center of the park is a medieval monastery, the St. Mary Monastery, which features a cafe and restaurant where you can rest and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

Go Swimming in Okuklje

Another one of the best things to do on Mljet Island is visiting Okuklje, a quaint village that, like Sobra, sits on a bay. This bay has crystal clear water you can swim in and fantastic rock formations you can climb atop and admire the scenery from.

Spelunk Through Odysseus Cave

If you read Homer’s Odyssey in high school, you may remember the part where the hero Odysseus was stuck in a cave with the nymph Calypso for seven years. The Odysseus Cave near Babino Polje is rumored to be that exact cave! Visit and bask in the beauty of this legendary location and go snorkeling in its 80-meter-deep waters.

Despite being small and mostly untouched by man, there’s plenty to do on Mljet Island. Try some of the recommendations above during your trip.