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Late Summer RV Travel: Where Should You Go

Traveling around in an RV can be one of the most fun and freeing activities in your life. However, you’ll quickly learn that not every place is great for RV living and a lot of that depends on the season. With the end of summer coming up, learning some late summer RV travel locations can make your RV travels that much better.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The summer is always warm, and nothing can fight off that heat like a cool swim and a more temperate climate. Michigan’s upper peninsula offers both! Additionally, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can do in the various historical sites and forests around the state.

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Lake George, NY

Whether you’re looking for a calm and quiet time or want to have things to do, Lake George has what you want. Plus, the cooler summer temperatures will make your trip a nice one with few weather problems. Additionally, there are many RV parks that you can rest in, giving you plenty of options when looking for somewhere to stop.

Denver, CO

Sometimes you want to be near a town but still experience the life that comes with RV travel. Denver, Colorado, has plenty of parks and campgrounds nearby that allow you to enjoy your time in the city while still exploring nature. However, you may want to get your RV ready for summer as the weather can be a bit hotter in Colorado.

Door County, WI

Door County is a huge place with many campgrounds around the whole state. With water in almost every direction, you can spend your days swimming, making Door County a great late summer RV travel location. Additionally, there are plenty of other historical sites and even some local wineries to experience during your stay.

These are just a few of the locations where you can take your RV for a good late summer trip. Each of these places offers plenty of ways to cool off and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.