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Tips To Help You Have the Road Trip of a Lifetime

There are regular road trips, and then there are road trips to remember. You want to embark on a memorable road trip. One you can look back on with the fondest memories and know that it was the greatest adventure you ever took. With these tips to help you have the road trip of a lifetime, you can accomplish this exact goal.

Ride in Style

The car matters most when you take a road trip, for obvious reasons. If you’re traveling alone, it will be your only companion for the duration of your trip unless you meet a friend along the way. Regardless, you need to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition.

Road trips work best when you’re traveling in a classic car because it adds style, but it also gives you that authentic feel; read more here. Imagine driving down Route 66 in a 1967 GT Ford Mustang. The image alone screams perfection. Before you hit the road,
get your car ready so that you don’t encounter any problems on your trip.

Ditch the Expressway

You always have the option to take the expressway, but then you risk the chance of missing out on so much. Don’t let back roads and scenic routes scare you off. If you plan it out properly, you’ll be well prepared.

You will see other cars on the expressway, but if you take back country roads, you see so much of this beautiful country. It makes for better places to stop, too. You can find a quiet field and sit down for a while with a nice picnic. Highways and backroads add to that authentic road trip vibe.

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Become a Local

Ditch the city lingo. In fact, get rid of anything on your person that screams “city folk.” Become a local and try to embed yourself into the culture around you. You want to get the most out of your trip, and if you stay confined by your city mannerism, you’ll miss out on so much.

In whichever town you visit, ask some of the residents about places to visit and where you can find the best places to eat. Some people from the city can come off as standoffish, so try to remain approachable and accepting of all advice. Making new friends will help make your trip memorable.

Document Everything

Since this is bound to become your greatest trip of all time, you need to document every minute of it. Take pictures of everything that grabs your eye and even of things that might not interest you. When you look back on these photos, it’ll feel like you’re on the road again.

Pictures are great, but they can only document what you see and not what you feel, so keep a journal on you. You can jot down your day-to-day thoughts and go back over what activities you did. Write down funny stories or mention people you met and what your first impression of them was. Describe your mood and what you’re excited to see next.

Everyone deserves to take a road trip of a lifetime because we only have one life to live. So take a chance to visit some new places and become acquainted with the open road.