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Taking Your Family to America: A Guide for Parents of Young Children

Are you thinking of visiting the American Cousins? It makes sense. America is a vibrant culture as a collective, but when you look closer you see the influences of cultures from around the world, as well as the indigenous people who were first in the country. This makes for a great level of variety and an unforgettable experience. 

But there are things to think about before you board that plane. Read on to see what you need to think about before you land in America. 

Where will you go?

America is filled with family-friendly destinations that can leave your children with great memories for life. Florida and California have the Disney and Universal theme parks to keep the kids amused. New York and Washington are rich in history and cultural relevance. And the entire country is dotted with nature reservations if you would like a holiday that keeps your feet on the ground. 

Get your insurance sorted

Travel insurance is a quick, affordable way to put a lot of fears at rest. They can cover the cost of your baggage if it’s lost, any lost or stolen cash, medical expenses and other problems that can arise whilst in a foreign country. 

Particularly nowadays, with Covid still hanging over the heads of travelers, an insurance policy that covers cancellation due to Covid lockdowns and travel bans is particularly helpful and can save you a lot of money. That is what Staysure does. They offer single trip travel insurance that covers Covid-related cancellations plus most pre-existing medical conditions should you find yourself in an American hospital. Visit the Staysure website for all the details on their single trip travel insurance. 

Dress for the weather

America is a big country, made up of a range of climates. If you’re going south, you’re going to be met with baking, beating sun. In Florida that means there’s humidity to think about. Going more north you’ll get cooler climates and more rain, so the likes of Washington, New York and Seattle are all places you should carry an umbrella outside of summertime. And if you’re arriving in the height of winter, or you’re headed to Colorado at most months of the year, you’re going to see snow. 

What are we ultimately getting at? Well, it’s best to prepare for where you’re going. Look up what the expected climate is for your trip and pack accordingly. Keep the sunscreen on hand wherever you go, as the climate is still likely to be sunnier in Seattle than it is the UK. 

Have a plan in place

Whether you are going somewhere rural for a dive into nature or are headed to one of the big city tourist traps, there is always a chance that, God forbid, a child gets lost. The best way to prepare for this is to prepare the child. 

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Give them a plan. They should be able to find and identify a policeman or park ranger and make their way back to a preplanned spot. Find a landmark and tell them to remember where it is. Tell them that is where you’ll find them should you get separated. 

Watch the news

The good thing about our current global political climate is that Europe gets a lot of updates on what America is up to. We know all their celebrities, their president by name and reputation, and all the latest issues. 

Keep those in mind when you are considering your plans for your holidays. If there is something that is particularly scaring you right now, you can create a plan to deal with it. Whether there’s an issue with civil unrest, politics or public health, you will be able to navigate it by keeping one eye on the World News section.