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Best Historical Places To Visit This Summer

Education is not just reserved for schools, and you don’t need to wait around for autumn to learn something new, or old in this case. There is nothing wrong with including a little history in your summer vacation, so here are some amazing historical places everyone should visit at least once. Since it’s summer, you don’t have to read about it in a history book. Go and live it! 

The Battle of Gettysburg 

The Civil War is one of the United States’ most notable wars, so of course, you need to visit the most famous battle site. Travel down to Pennsylvania to visit the Battle of Gettysburg. Here, Union soldiers turned back Confederate soldiers, winning the war and reunifying the country. 

Photo by John Kostyk on Unsplash

You have the option of visiting the site yourself or taking a two-hour bus tour. There, you will see props and real weapons used during the war as well as a gravesite of all the fallen soldiers. The scene will transport you to a time this country will never forget. 

The Infamous Tea Party 

If you think the Boston Tea Party is the only popular historical site on the east coast, think again. Boston has many historical landmarks you can visit. Plan a day trip to visit all these places in one go. Rent a van for you and all your friends to cruise down to the JFK Site, Plymouth, and so much more. 

You’ll get to visit many places that helped shape this country while being surrounded by a city vibe. You can enjoy national parks, museums, and amazing cuisine in Boston, and you will undoubtedly make the most of your time on this trip!

Remember the Alamo!

Never forget the Alamo! If you don’t already know the history of the Alamo, that’s okay. San Antonio, Texas can fill you in on all you need to know. Here, you will visit the exact site of the historical Battle of the Alamo. You can find the battlefield in the center of San Antonio, which is perfect for those wanting to explore the rest of the city during their trip. 

You can stroll through the 4.2-acre complex and the Alamo Gardens. In the complex, you will see barracks and weapons used during the battle. Afterward, feel free to turn down River Walk to enjoy the rest of the city and discover local restaurants, shopping, and other forms of entertainment. 

Presidents Without the White House 

Where can you go to visit some of the most famous presidents without making a trip to Washington D.C.? You guessed it, Mount Rushmore! Visiting this site will amaze you; the pictures do not do it justice! 

Unless you plan to climb the mountain, you can’t get up close and personal, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing the detail it took to create this masterpiece. Feel free to visit the National Forest, too! Summer is the best time to enjoy nature and serenity in South Dakota. 

Make this summer memorable by visiting the best historical places this country has to offer. You’ll get a chance to cross more things off your travel bucket list!