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Why You Should Book A Beach Vacation

We’ve all done it. The daydreaming over the vacation destinations in the brochures while we sit in a miserable office with the rain outside the window and the miserable cold creeping up into your socks. We’ve all been there, with our heads languishing on the sand while our bodies are typing out the latest drivel in marketing or sitting at home and feeling bored out of our minds. If you’re considering spending time researching vacations, then you really have to consider booking a beach vacation for your next go. 

The reason you should consider a beach resort in St. Pete, or a vacation holiday in Florida, is because there is nothing quite like being by the beach. Sure, the sand gets messy, the sea air can wreck your hair, but is there anything more beautiful than looking out at the vast ocean and watching the waves breathe in front of you? Below, we’ve got all the reasons that you need to book a beach vacation.

Image Source: Pexels

  • The location. It doesn’t matter what beach you really choose, they’re all nestled on coastal roads with beautiful stores and shops nearby and hotels with breathtaking views. The beach is the perfect location because it’s the end of the end. It’s the edge of the country that you’re in, where you can see clear seas and fish in the water. You can build sandcastles and feel the sunrise beating down on you. You can squish the sand between your toes and you can walk back to your hotel from the beach and still be able to relax. The beach vacation is perfect because the location you are in is unlike your day to day.
  • The activities. You don’t have to love the sun beating down on your neck to be able to find something to do at the beach. It’s not all sunbathing you know! You can jump into water sports as quickly as anything, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, getting your scuba-diving certification, riding horses on the beach, even just languishing with a book in a local cafe because you look over at the ocean. There are so many activities that you can do on a beach vacation, and you’re never going to be without something to keep your mind and your body occupied.
  • The food. If there’s one thing that all beach resorts have in common is incredible food on offer. Some resorts offer all you can eat dining options and buff a breakfast lunch and dinner options with fantastic cocktails to keep you nourished and hydrated along the way. Some beach vacation options offer fresh fruit trays that you can take with you down onto the sand and cool down while you eat, and there are others that give you the choice of fresh swordfish and grilled lamb. There are always amazing food options wherever you are in the world but beach vacations always have the edge.

Beach vacations can be a game changer, so why not do some research today?