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Are Group Vacations A Good Idea?

Going on a group vacation seems like such a great idea! You’re out there exploring with some of your closest friends, frolicking about a resort, making memories and bringing home souvenirs together. And we’re here to tell you that planning a trip with some of your loved ones can be a lot of fun. However, there’s always a drawback to everything; let’s go through some of the pros and the biggest con of running a group vacation below. 

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You Can Have a Lot More Laughs

Going away with your best friends ensures you’re always going to have something to laugh about. Even if you’ve had a bad night where you’ve gotten lost and had to walk all the way back to the hotel, you’ve made each other smile and keep on going. And that’s something a solo traveler really misses out on. There’s no one to share the good times with, and they have to make new connections wherever they go. You, on the other hand, already have all the people you need right there with you. 

You Can Save Some Money

If you’re all going away as a group, it’s going to be a lot easier to fund the trip. As such, you’ll have a lot more spending money to yourself and you can even pool your funds to get a better place to stay. Less small time hostel, more private villa you can all share. So once you shop around for some ideas for a trip to Tampa with the girls, you can then put in equal amounts to pay for the flights and the accommodation you’ve always dreamed of. That’ll certainly leave a strict budget much better off! 

You’ve Always Got a Friend Nearby

Traveling with people you know is a lot safer than always going out there alone. If you get into trouble, there’s someone to help you out. If you get hurt, there’s someone to take you to the hospital. If you lose your phone, you already know someone you can borrow off of. All in all, if you’ve got a couple of friends with you, you can feel a lot safer and more confident on vacation. That also tends to mean you have a lot more fun, and take a few more fun risks, such as going for one more cocktail at the bar! 

However, Everything is a Group Decision

This is the one main takeaway from going on a group vacation. You’ve all got to agree on something in order to do it. You all have to agree where you’re going, where you’re going to stay, and what activities you’ll get up to. You may be able to break away and do something alone, but what will you miss out on while you’re gone? Group decisions can make things more complicated. 

In short, group vacations are great! However, they’re not for everyone. If you like your privacy and heading off wherever you fancy, a solo trip might be better.