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The Ultimate Guide to Packing a Suitcase for Vacation

Ever packed the perfect suitcase only to find all your clothes wrinkled when you arrived at your destination? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We’ve researched the best techniques to provide you with the ultimate guide to packing a suitcase for vacation.

Folding vs. Rolling

The key to keeping your clothes looking nice is to roll any fabrics that wrinkle easily instead of folding them (think cotton and linen). Fabrics like rayon, wool, polyester, cashmere, spandex, and knit are okay to fold because they are much more wrinkle-resistant. If you have a garment that is too long to fit into your suitcase without folding, roll it before folding to keep the wrinkles away.

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Stuff Delicate Shapes

If you have delicate shoes or bras you don’t want to be dented by travel, stuff them with your soft accessories, like socks, scarves, and gloves. This helps protect your clothes and saves you space in your suitcase.

Utilize Packing Squares

Packing squares are the saviour of frequent travellers. These handy fabric containers stack inside your suitcase, sort of like drawers in a dresser. Instead of digging through everything to find what you’re looking for, just take out the packing square you need, leaving your other clothes undisturbed.

Heavy Objects First

No ultimate guide to packing a suitcase for vacation would be complete without mentioning this tip. Always put your heaviest objects, like boots and toiletry bags, into your suitcase first so they don’t crush whatever you place beneath them. Also, keep in mind which direction your suitcase will be while rolling it through the airport. You’ll want those heavy objects on the side with the wheels and your most delicate items near the handle.

The Middle Layer

If you have anything that needs to lie flat, like a folder of travel documents, place it in between the other layers of your suitcase. Otherwise, any dents and pressure from the outside of the suitcase will warp these items.

Emergency Plans

One thing everyone always forgets on vacation is to plan for bad weather or cancelled excursions. Always slip a pack of cards or a travel-size board game into the bottom of your bag on the off chance you get stuck inside your hotel room for a day.

We hope these tricks are helpful and that your clothes stay fabulous and wrinkle-free!

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