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BREWDOG KENNELS. Aberdeen. Hotel Review.

Not to speak ill of a city, but in one as bleak as Aberdeen, it was unexpected to find a place as welcoming and hospitable as the BrewDog Kennels. Simply put, this is a much needed dash of colour and style in a city that I am certain most people live in purely because in some way, they are paid to. 

A fully stocked apartment, with decorative stylings inline with Brewdog’s young, hip style. A magnificent bed, a great bathroom, including a spacious tub especially good for waking up after  a night out discovering that Aberdeen has the highest number of whiskey distilleries in Scotland.

A guitar, amazingy still in tune above the couch, an old style record player and a very good iron and ironing board provided me with a great time while I got ready for my adventure into the city’s nightlife. While the kitchen and coffee maker were very welcome in the morning. 

The staff, I found to be definitely happier and more hospitable than I expected to find in the Granite City, where thanks to the use of local stone, the architecture makes one feel like everything should taste like a countertop. The staff were professionals and immensely friendly, especially in the Brewdog pub beneath my flat where they were happy to contribute to the above Instagram picture.  

All in all. A great stay and if I ever return to Aberdeen, I’ll be staying there again.