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Things to do When you Visit the Bahamas

Whether you landed in the Bahamas for a business trip or you planned to visit for a vacation, there is no shortage of ways to keep yourself entertained on your travels. Head to Nassau if you like casinos and nightlight; alternatively, take a look at some of the unmissable ideas below.    

Pink Sands Beach 

There is no shortage of reasons to visit the Bahamas; from the buzzing casinos of Nassau to the tropical waters of Blue Lagoon island, there is something to suit every personality type and mood. If you want to escape the bustling city for a while, head to the famous Pink Sands Beach.  

Pink Sands Beach is located on the east coast Harbour island; it is a place of outstanding natural beauty and is relatively unspoiled. As the name suggests, you will discover the famous pink sands here and enjoy a Caribbean experience like the one you imagined when you set off.  

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Blue Lagoon Island

There’s a reason that blue lagoon Island is so popular with families and individuals; it has a long history and offers some of the most exciting Caribbean adventures on the archipelago. This lagoon was once used by pirates; then, it was a scuba diving training camp during World War II.

Nowadays, Blue lagoon Island is an unspoiled retreat for families and adventure seekers to relax and unwind on the white tropical beaches, walk the coastal pathways, or swim with dolphins in the cove. Don’t miss out on a chance to visit Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas.    

Hire a Catamaran 

The waters off the coast of the Bahamas are a tropical blue color that contrasts splendidly with the striking white sands of the coasts. Whether you are a swimmer or not, chances are the draw of the ocean will be overwhelming, and you will need to go for a swim, a paddle, or a boat ride. 

If swimming is not your thing, or you’re afraid of the unknown tropical creatures in the deep blue ocean, why not hire the best catamarans for charter in the Bahamas and take your business partners or your family onto the tropical waters? For a memorable day sailing the high seas. 

Lucayan National Park 

If you prefer forests and broad walks to spending an afternoon on some tropical sands, then make your way to Lucayan National Park. Lucayan National Park is located near Freeport, and it contains mangrove swamps, beaches, forests, and one of the best underwater cave systems. 

Lucayan National Park is an essential place to visit for people who love subterranean nature and wildlife spotting. In the park, you will be able to see a variety of bird life, and as the light fades, you should catch sight of some of the local bats. And, you can go caving if you’re brave.    

Lucaya Marketplace

If you happen to visit Lucayan National Park, stick around for a few days and pay a visit to Lucayan Marketplace as well. Located on the edge of Freeport harbour, you can’t miss this traditional marketplace that sells local food and crafts and has over forty boutique outlets.