5 of the Best Small Countries To Visit in Europe

When you think of traveling to Europe, you likely think of big-ticket destinations, like France or Germany. But there are 44 countries in Europe, and many of the less-visited countries among them are hidden gems. If you want to unlock these tiny countries’ wonders, here are five of the best small countries to visit in Europe and why.


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On the coast of the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find Croatia, a small country with a big heart. Croatia is popular for a few things, including its role in Game of Thrones, its natural beauty, ancient ruins, many islands, and honey. Among these, Croatia small ship cruises stand out as a popular and enchanting way to explore the country’s stunning coastline along the Adriatic Sea. These cruises provide an intimate and personalized experience, allowing travellers to immerse themselves in Croatia’s mesmerizing scenery, rich history, and warm hospitality. Croatia small ship cruises promise an unforgettable journey through this extraordinary destination. If you want to visit Croatia, one crucial thing to know is that you won’t have to pack a multi-language dictionary because many locals are fluent in English and happy to help you find your way around!


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Situated between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a principality with lots to offer. Its scenery is unmatched, with Alpine forests, flowery meadows, and quaint towns all around. Don’t forget all the ancient castles you can tour!

Plus, Liechtenstein is popular for its friendliness. When their Swiss neighbors accidentally shelled them in 1968, they laughed it off, and when they sent a troop of 80 soldiers to Italy during the Austro-Prussian War, they returned with all men alive plus a new friend. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in such a chill country?

San Marino

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Say hello to one of the world’s oldest, tiniest, and serenest republics: San Marino! San Marino is on the border of Italy, with the capital perched atop the grand Mount Titano. The view in San Marino is breathtaking, and there’s an abundance of architecture to admire and history to discover.


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Monaco is the second smallest county in the world, trailing only behind the Vatican. This tiny country is the place to go if you love luxury. Monaco overlooks the sea and is dotted with fancy hotels, restaurants, and casinos. It’s also home to the Grand Prix motor race, which is sure to interest avid car enthusiasts!


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Andorra is a principality located between Spain and France in the Pyrenees. It’s one of the best small countries for sports and adrenaline lovers, known for its natural parks and phenomenal skiing and hiking locations. Andorra’s capital is also home to charming Romanesque buildings, like the Church of Santa Coloma. Architecture fans will have a field day here!

Small but mighty, these five best small countries to visit in Europe are sights to behold! Don’t count them out because of their size; they have something to offer every traveler that ventures their way.