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Working Remotely From Another Country: 5 Things to Consider

Working remotely from another country is possible, but what exactly do you need? Here are five things to consider to make your transition successful.

Remote working has changed the work environment drastically over the past few years. If your company allows it, you can be a digital nomad while still working a full-time job. Before you start packing up your home office, here are five things to consider when working remotely from another country.

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Notify Your Employer

Approval is important; if necessary, speak to your employer before making any decisions. You cannot just start working from wherever your heart desires. If your company operates from a foreign country, they may have to pay taxes there. Also, keep in mind that the company can monitor your location based on the IP addresses, so be honest!

Decide How Long To Stay

You may choose to stay in one place for a few months just for the experience, or your plans may be more like a nomad CEO; regardless, if you’re thinking of working abroad, you will want to consider the appropriate visa status. 

Another consideration is time zones. If you need to be online with your clients simultaneously, then be sure to check into the time zone of the location you have chosen. If you can work asynchronously, after hours, or via video, the world opens up possibilities. Working from Barbados could be a great choice to consider when looking for a remote location, as it recently became one of the first countries to create programs for remote workers. 

Figure Out the Funds

If you get paid online for working online, this will help your transition tremendously. You will still need to map out things like cost of living or currency conversion, but banking will prove much easier. You may have to prove your income to receive a visa. Many countries are happy to have you if you can show that you won’t take away jobs from their citizens. 

Get Your Tech in Order

Internet is an essential service to maintain business abroad. With access, have a plan for the tech you will need to work in another country. What is the right tech for you to complete your work? Do you need media creation tools? Which services will require the least amount of equipment?

There may be an investment in purchasing a laptop, iPad, or phone. Your phone model must be compatible with the region you plan to travel to, and it must also be unlocked for international use before you leave.

Possible Housing Options

When living in another country, you have the option of a hostel, hotel, or private home. In most cases, hotels are the most expensive option. Many remote workers go to Airbnb to save money and gain a nice aesthetic.  

Traveling has incentives beyond the experience; if you’re making content for your business, and if you need a place to shoot that content, you can write off a percentage of your housing expenses. Ask your accountant!

We all still need our day jobs, but the options are unlimited if you are open to new experiences and the possibility of working remotely from another country.