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5 Destinations for Incredible Sailing Holidays

Sailing is one of the greatest ways to travel. Nothing can compare to feeling the wind in your hair and smelling the salt in the air as your boat glides along the crystal-clear ocean water! But, given the vast number of great places for sailing, deciding where to go can be confusing. To help you decide, we’ve rounded up a list of the top destinations for incredible sailing holidays.


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Vietnam is an ideal place for sailing. Its coast is warm and gentle, and with more than 3,000 km of coastline, you’ll have plenty to discover here. If you want to relax and join a sailing cruise or a Disney cruise, instead of crewing your own boat, head up north to Halong Bay. The vast bay is simply stunning, surrounded by impressive limestone karst formations. 

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City is a good starting point for sailing in the south. Here, you’ll find charter boats and organised cruises that will take you to the fringes of the famous Mekong River delta while stopping by the famous resort island of Phu Quoc.


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Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, and it’s not surprising why. It’s where you will find more than a thousand islands and islets spread in such a small country. For a more authentic experience, consider sailing Croatia in a gulet, a traditional wooden sailing vessel well-suited for comfortable sailing journeys. During your cruise, you’ll discover the country’s rich culture, history, cuisines, and the natural wonders of the Adriatic Sea.


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France is an idyllic destination for a river cruise and sailing the country’s scenic rivers is such a rewarding and enriching journey. It’s equally suited for first timers looking to explore the heart of France, especially its beautiful countryside. 

Itineraries include visiting world-famous cities, such as Rouen and Paris, before heading to the other waterways, such as the Garonne River, which flows through the beautiful countryside in southwest France. Your journey will also take you to the Loire, where you’ll discover scenic and untouched landscapes.

The Galapagos 

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A true haven for wildlife, the Galapagos Islands is perhaps the only place on Earth where you can explore nature and wildlife up-close. The archipelago consists of 13 islands, and only four are inhabited. With so much to discover, one of the best ways to explore the islands is through Rainforest Cruises

Spend your days cruising along the Pacific Ocean, hopping from one island to another. You’ll also head ashore to take up land-based activities, such as hiking up volcanoes, interacting with giant tortoises, and spotting hundreds of bird species!


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Sailing on the Greek Islands offers wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories. During your island hopping for Greece, you’ll discover secluded coves, virgin beaches, sea caves, and beautiful islets. You’ll also visit picturesque ports, impressive capes, stunning marine parks, and ancient cities. 

Every island in Greece has a strong local character. Moreover, distances between islands are often very short, so even with a brief cruise, you’ll experience the striking contrasts of the islands.

Article by Penny Martinelli