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Pros and Cons_ Is It Worth Living in an RV Full-Time

As a traveling professional, you know first-hand what it’s like to spend a lot of time on the road.

But what if you could avoid constantly packing and unpacking your belongings to jump hotels and Airbnbs? Let’s look at some pros and cons to determine if it’s worth living in an RV full-time.


Full-time RVers will happily attest to many pros to living in an RV. Let’s examine a few common positives about living in an RV full-time.

Freedom To Travel

The main attraction to living in an RV is turning your life into an ongoing adventure and traveling wherever you want. This flexibility can be great during off-seasons when you don’t have to visit specific locations for work.

You can essentially live wherever you want for as long as you want—the ultimate meaning of the word “freedom.”

Work With a View

Being on the road allows you to work remotely in locations most people only get to go to on vacation. You may not like sitting in an enclosed cubicle for eight hours a day, and that’s why you travel for work. Living in an RV gives you the ability to work at the beach if you so choose. Now, that’s what we call a good gig!

Pets Can Join

Gone are the days when you had to say goodbye to your furry family members each time you left on a trip. You can take your pets with you wherever you go in an RV. Your pets will keep you company on the road, and you’ll get to spend lots of time bonding and being outdoors together.


We know not everything is perfect. Let’s discuss some of the potential negatives of life on the road.

Small Space

Living in an RV means you must pack your whole life into a vehicle. Your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and workspace will all be in one place. In an RV, you might not have as much room as you had in your house or apartment.

You might need to do your laundry at laundromats since washer and dryer units take up a lot of space in an RV. You’ll need to contemplate how to make the best out of a small space if you’re considering living in an RV full-time.

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Not many people talk about this but living in an RV full-time may present some security concerns. Traditional RVs have lock mechanisms like a regular vehicle, making it risky to sleep or work in the RV without additional security measures.


The cost of living in an RV will vary for each person, but there are certain expenses you’ll need to consider that you might not have to worry about in your “sticks and bricks” (that’s what people in the RV world call houses.)

For example, your everyday bills may include the cost of car insurance, gas, campground spots, and RV maintenance.

Is It Worth It?

RV living is right for you if you enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and spending time in nature but don’t mind minor setbacks and challenges.

As a traveling professional, you know the benefits of traveling, but you’ll need to determine if you can do it full-time. Follow this brief guide to the pros and cons of living in an RV full-time to help you make the right choice.