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Outdoor Adventures To Do in Florida This Summer

There’s no better time to visit Florida than in the summer because of all the attractions and things to do. If you love nature-filled explorations, check out our list of outdoor adventures to do in Florida this summer.


If you enjoy being on the water and closer to nature, few places teem with more life than Florida’s Everglades National Park. One of the best ways to connect with nature and have fun with friends, family members, or just yourself is with a kayaking trip full of Florida wildlife and sun. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or a beginner, the Everglades has numerous paths of varying difficulty to try. You can also book a guided tour to get a professional guide who will show you all the parts of the Everglades you want to see!

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

If you prefer to see the nature and animal life below the sea, then take a day to snorkel or scuba dive in one of Florida’s many gorgeous locations. Dry Tortugas National Park is a fantastic snorkelling area full of coral reefs, tropical fish, and even a nearby schooner wreck. Florida has many scuba diving options to offer; if you dream of swimming with sea turtles, West Palm Beach is known as one of the premier destinations for sea turtles among incredible fish and coral reefs. Who knows; you may even see a shark or sailfish!

or a mermaid. Image Source.


If you’re looking for a more low-key outdoor adventure, Florida is also one of the best locations in the country for fly-fishing. Fly-fishing is a calming but fun way to connect with Florida’s beautiful nature and enjoy the outdoors. Florida has numerous spots that are ideal for fly-fishing during the summer, so wherever you go, your odds of catching a trophy fish are pretty good.

Hang Gliding

Do you consider yourself a thrill-seeker? One of the greatest thrills is hang gliding, and you can experience it yourself in Florida at Wallaby Ranch! Near Orlando, Wallaby Ranch opened in 1991 and has catered to Florida’s adventurists ever since, piloting and administering over 30,000 flights. If you’ve tried hang gliding before, Florida is the best place to do so due to the weather and gorgeous landscapes you can see from the sky.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to do in Florida this summer! Whether you want to relax and catch a few fish or soar above the earth on a hang glider, Florida is the perfect spot for your next nature-filled exploration.