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Sahara Holiday Tours. Morocco. Get out there. 

A full service Moroccan tour operator, Sahara Holiday Tours provides bespoke safari experiences for corporate and leisure clients. Offering their guests wherever possible the best of the Moroccan landscapes and experiences while also expanding their awareness of the culture and beauty of this untameable land. 


Owned and operated by Alla Mohamed, who works with a team of Moroccan locals, every trip is planned out to provide the best overall experience. With careful attention placed on the little details, Sahara Holiday Tours aims to shape the perfect vacay for the individual traveler. 

“No two visitors are alike,” he says, “And we prefer to go beyond our clients expectations. To be able to do this reliably we have to always be enhancing our own knowledge and understanding of the travel industry. You have to keep your finger on the pulse.”


Overnight Desert Camping and Camel Rides

A gorgeous opportunity to see the heavens like you’ve never seen them before, overnight camping in the desert is truly a one of a kind experience. Getting there by camel back also provides an authentic feel to the adventure of a lifetime. Fully guided, guests have the chance to explore and investigate this natural wonder under the watchful eyes of the experts. 

Important things to remember: always bring any prescription medications with you.  Sunglasses, a good hat, sunblock and bottled water are your best friends in the desert. Keep your passport and travel insurance documents safe and your itinerary and eTickets handy. 

New Years Eve in the Sahara Desert

A good one to book on the calendar for this upcoming year is New Years eve in the desert. Definitely an experience unlike any other festival you may have attended, this is an all night function, involving music, food, the feeling of the eternal sand beneath your feet and the biggest sky you’ve seen above you. Known to leave guests speechless it is certainly one for the bucket list. 

The Safaris

The safari tours available are updated regularly and  start from two days up to fifteen. Each tour is complete with a history of the places visited, explanations of what makes each attraction unique as well as an answer for any question. Guided by a professional tour guide who can help teach and translate the Berber and Arabic languages for better appreciation and a fully customized itinerary to suit the individual tastes. 

Not all accommodation is in the desert and Sahara Holiday Tours cooperates with the best hotel and desert camping destinations to suit all guest’s requirements and tastes.  


The pandemic, according to Alla Mohamed, has really affected international tourism, especially the safari business. But he says it is important for these operators to bounce back by offering customers great experiences that come with considerations for protection and PPE. 

“We have seen a decline in the excursion industry,” he says, “But the focus must be on building ourselves up fresh, offering something new and making sure we cater for the variety of people wanting to travel with a variety of budgets.”


After many years in the industry, Alla Mohamed explains that what makes a great safari is flexibility,  a reasonable price and a professional guide who knows how to combine information, entertainment, engagement and safety together responsibly. Also, having access to the best desert camps and hotels and vehicles that are comfortable is an important factor. 

 “These are what makes a great tour,” he says in conclusion, “Great adventures are appreciated  with good comfort and company.”

ADDRESS: Derb Ben Daoua Zerbtana Fez 3011 and  Rue Hassan II 140 Casablanca , Morocco

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +212 6 66 95 51 65



PRICE/NIGHT: $70.00 per person $2000 depending on tour and number of days.

Image credit to Moham Aalla.