Things To Do If You’re Stuck in a Cabin for the Weekend

You finally decided to set time aside to get away for a few days, and the weather isn’t cooperating. Finding things to do if you’re stuck in a cabin for the weekend is a chore because you aren’t familiar with your surroundings, and your kids may be annoying you. Here’s a quick list of interactive activities to help pass the time and maintain your sanity, whether your kids are with you or not. 

Bring Out the Board Games 

The cabin you’re in may have games stashed in spare closets or drawers; now’s the best time to find and utilize them. Make the most of the situation and slow down with something you’re not used to doing. Playing board games in a cabin is a way to trigger fun childhood memories and share a laugh with those you’re traveling with. 

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Movie Marathon 

Yes, you can do this at home. But the chances of you doing this at home without a single distraction is slim. There are many series and sequels you can find that drag into hours’ worth of viewing pleasure. It’s also an excellent time to binge a series you’ve been meaning to watch. Take this as a sign to just rest. It’s okay to rest; in fact, it’s recommended. 

Plan Your Next Getaway 

There’s no time like the present, so one of the best things to do if you’re stuck in a cabin for the weekend is begin planning your next getaway. Maybe it’s somewhere warm, or perhaps you go at it solo. It could be next weekend or next year, but planning the next getaway gives you something to look forward to when you return to your everyday life.

Pamper Yourself 

You work incredibly hard at home, at work, and for all the people in your life. Maybe it’s time to see the glass half full on a rainy day and take the opportunity to pamper yourself. Set up a spa day and that much-needed alone time you often crave. 

Consider things like face masks, body scrubs, deep conditioning treatments, a book in the bath—whatever fits your fancy and budget. If you’re not alone, find a mini pampering activity for everyone so you can at least enjoy the quiet time.