Why You Should Work In A Coffee Shop

With more people working from home or remotely, there has never been a better time to explore all of the different ways and places you can work.

Two of the most popular options are the coffee shop or a co-working space. Both of those offer a great way to work outside of your regular environment. 

Research shows that it is essential to break out of your routine from time to time and work somewhere else. So why does a nearby coffee shop make the perfect working environment? 


Let’s face it – running a small business from home or freelancing can be a lonely business. While you might have many colleagues, they might not be close by. 

Toiling away for hours without needing to speak to another human can be heavenly, but from time to time, most of us need some company. 

The coffee shop is the perfect place to say hello, and use those vocal cords every once. 

It’s not just that, though; depending on your industry, the coffee shop can offer up some interesting passing conversation, people, problems, and activity. 

You will also find that you aren’t the only small business owner or freelancer who is in the coffee shop – you never know what connections you might make. 

Photo by daan evers on Unsplash

Productivity and creativity

When you rely on yourself to get the job done, one of the most important things is that you are filled with creativity and ready to put it to work with productivity

Although some people don’t enjoy the smell of coffee, there is something that can wake up the senses. 

Getting out of your regular environment can also help start your creative juices going. 

Even a few hours can give you a whole set of inspiration. 


You might assume you have more distractions because people are coming and going, it’s busy, and there will also be people who need to take chairs or make space. 

But interestingly enough, there are likely less distractions here than in your home. If you often drift away from your workstation to clean, watch some TV, and take lunch breaks that are a little too long – you know how much distractions can impact you. 

In a coffee shop, you are more prepared to focus, so you build it into your plans for working. Once you have your coffee order, nothing else to do but work. The most exciting other option is going to the bathroom. 


Most coffee shops know that they are a prime location for people to work, which means bringing a laptop along. Almost anywhere you sit is likely to have a power point or at the very least a USB charging port. 

Although, before you head to your chosen coffee shop with your laptop, go for a coffee and scout out the best place to sit for when you come back. 

And remember there are a lot of coffee shops – so rotate, and it will never get boring. 

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