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Tips For Creating The Perfect Travel Itinerary

When heading abroad you want to ensure you make the most out of your trip as possible. After all, we’ve not been able to travel for a while and so want to make up for lost time during the pandemic. When going away, it’s a good idea to have a travel itinerary that you can follow to ensure your trip goes without a hitch. A good itinerary will have plenty of time for you to relax, do the things you want to do, and make sure everyone on the trip is happy. Some people find putting an itinerary together stressful, while others find it fun to put it together. If you are traveling in a group, you could designate someone who enjoys it to put an itinerary together, or you could do it as a collective. Here are some top tips for creating the perfect travel itinerary.

Try not to over plan

One of the worst things to do with your itinerary is to over-plan on it. While you want to ensure you have enough things to do, if you over plan you can end up with zero free time and taking all the fun out of the trip. It can end up being stressful and not the carefree trip you probably had sorted. Think of how long you have where you are and don’t put too many things in that it will tire you out. If you can’t fit it all in either extend your time or plan to do the most important things and leave the rest to play it by ear.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Include important details

When planning your travel itinerary you need to include things such as opening times and addresses to ensure you have no issues finding them on the day. It will also mean if your itinerary has to be altered slightly at the last minute, you won’t have to worry about messing around looking up the details. Add notes about what to pack, for example, mountain sunglasses, a sun hat or sensible shoes which you don’t want to forget.

Think logically

When planning your trip, try to think about what you will be doing before and after certain activities. Don’t plan things too close together and if you are intending to have a late-night the night before, don’t plan anything too early the next day! You will thank yourself for these little things later! Ensure you leave time to rest and also allow time for any delays on either side of activities such as with traffic or public transport delays.

These are just a few top tips for helping you to create a perfect travel itinerary that should tick all the boxes. Remember when going away that the most important thing is to just enjoy yourself and have fun. Be sure to take plenty of photos and don’t sweat about the small things too much. What are some top tips you like to follow when creating an itinerary? Let us know in the comments below.