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The Digimad Network harnesses the power of micro-influencers by offering users with small to medium followings on Instagram and Facebook the opportunity to be rewarded for their creativity, content and engagement. You may not have considered that your social media could create additional income, but it can. We work with a range of enthusiastic creators who are interested in producing video and voiceover content for the Lost Executive

What is required.

  1. An Instagram account with over 1000 followers. 
  2. The ability to read eloquently and enthusiastically.
  3. Some creativity to make the reading interesting and engaging.
  4. A mobile phone or similar device capable of recording and posting to Instagram. 

How it works.

1. We’ll send you an article cache containing the story we want you to highlight in your
mini-broadcast, and some preferred hashtags and keywords to be used when posting
your mini-broadcast on your social media. We’ll also share a few images, to be
incorporated as you see fit.

2. You’ll read the full article on camera for a longer video and share this on your own
Instagram and Facebook – maximum length is ten minutes. You don’t need bells and
whistles for this longer broadcast, just a well-lit, quiet location and something to keep
your phone steady.

3. You’ll read a shorter version of the article, which we’ll provide, for a reel – maximum
length is ninety seconds. You’ll have creative freedom for this reel and will share the
finished product on your own Instagram and Facebook.

We trust your creativity so go ahead and publish both videos as soon as you’re done. We’ll
be shouting about our #digimadcommunity on the Lost Executive’s Instagram and Facebook, so remember to tag @thelostexecutive so we can see your finished videos.

4. Then, email to be paid £25.00.

What kinds of articles.

Feel free to browse through the articles on our site or take a look at the examples provided below to get an idea of what sort of editorials we do. Traditionally, we focus on travel, hospitality, food and drink, leisure and the businesses feeding into these sectors. As a Digimad you can cover all of these or specialise in one area, it’s up to you.

Digimad Examples: 




Full out the details below and we will be in touch soon.