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Preparing the Right Outfits for a Winter Vacation

Going on an adventurous trip to a colder climate is a great way to step out of the office and reconnect with nature. Recharging while outside is an excellent method for curbing stress and seasonal depression, but more importantly, it’s a vacation well worth the money. Here’s a quick guide on preparing the right outfits for a winter vacation to ensure you stay warm and flexible this holiday season.

Pack Smarter

The lead-up to a vacation is often the most stressful, especially when deciding what to bring while staying under 50 pounds. When visiting a colder climate, filling up your suitcase with heavy coats and warm layers is instinctual. However, this leaves little room for other essential clothing and travel items. 

Instead, bring two to three multi-functional cold-weather things that work well on their own or while paired with different layers. This means sleek zip-ups that double as formal wear and fit under heavier coats and synthetic fabrics, which are lighter and less space-consuming. Keep larger outwear on you during your flight, as you can store it on the plane and leave more available real estate in your bag. 

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Plan Ahead

Our phones can do a plethora of handy things, one of which is live weather updates. Use this tech miracle and plan out the weather patterns of your upcoming trip so that there are no surprises once you get there. 

With this information, you can adequately pack the perfect cold-weather outfit and not fear unexpected conditions. Reversely, you’ll be even more prepared for unusually high temperatures—there’s nothing worse than being overdressed on a beautiful day! 

Don’t Forget the Others

Your trip to a colder location won’t be solely spent outside unless you’re embarking on a wonderful mountain vacation this winter—in that case, pack for the cold. As for any other trip, don’t forget your other clothing items, especially those for days inside or fancy dinners. 

While coats and jackets are great for keeping you warm while out and about, a few solid polos or button-ups are always welcomed on any vacation. Lastly, warm accessories like fashionable gloves, boots, and hats help reduce the number of layers you’ll need. 

Preparing the right outfits for a winter vacation is primarily about planning ahead of time and knowing the essential items. More importantly, it’s your time off from work and should be spent relaxing and feeling comfortable, so bring the clothes that you love the most.