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How To Stay Productive While Working on the Road

In a perfect world, travel plans would include time only for self-care and discovery. However, the world doesn’t stop just because of a vacation. There might be times during your trip where you need to complete assignments to keep the workflow going.

It can be challenging to find the right time and place to sit down and knock out tasks, regardless of whether you’re flying or driving. If you’re looking for tips for balancing work and travel, here’s how to stay productive while working on the road. 

Plan Ahead

One of the biggest mistakes traveling professionals make is not planning ahead. Taking a few moments to plan your trip will help you optimize your time. Look at your workload and sort it into two categories: travel-friendly vs. office-friendly. Complete tasks that require an office setting before you embark on your adventure. 

Your plan should also address any potential problems you may come across. What will you do if you lose your internet connection? Will travel delays affect your ability to meet deadlines? Any issues you may face will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently with a well-developed strategy. 


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Utilize Free Time

You will spend a lot of your travel time moving from place to place. However, there are plenty of moments where you may experience a little bit of downtime. The best way to stay productive while working on the road is by using this free time to your advantage.

If you arrive early for a flight, use the extra minutes to answer some emails and organize your to-do list. Take some time before your excursions to polish up a presentation or catch up on any in-office happenings. You don’t need to block out hours at a time while you’re traveling; you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in 10-20 minutes! 

Eliminate Distractions

Typically, travel time would include nothing but distracting activities to take your mind out of the office. However, if you have work to complete, you may need a few moments without any interruptions. Avoid wasting your precious vacation time by minimizing disruption. 

Standard workplace productivity techniques can work well in this type of situation. Stay off your phone while working and save any internet browsing for when you’ve finished your assignments. If you find yourself in a noisy area, wear headphones and listen to soothing music. 

Create a Mobile Office

Staying organized is the key to working while traveling. While you can’t take your entire desk and file system with you, you can efficiently optimize your space. This is especially useful if you’re moving by car or any mode where you can spread out. 

Get a briefcase or large tote bag that can hold your laptop, charging devices, and planner. Look into mobile hotspots vs. hotspot boosters and invest in a device that will keep you connected in the most remote locations. Having everything you need in an easy-to-access area will make it easier for you to stay productive. 

The most important thing to remember is to create a balance between work and travel. By employing techniques that increase productivity, you can spend more time enjoying the sights and sounds of your desired destination.