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What Can You Expect from The Luxe Hotels in Jakarta?

As we all know, Jakarta is a bustling metropolis; it’s also a holiday hotbed for revellers who a penchant for contemporary aesthetic and medieval art. Jakarta is also likely to be your first stop when you travel to the Republic of Indonesia.

Once you get there, you are most likely to reside in a luxury hotel Jakarta. Such hotels have superb for guests to enjoy; they even go the extra mile and customise each client’s, and this deed has the client’s coming back again.

Most tourists enjoy mixing leisure and travel as they look to unwind from their busy schedules. This is why most of them who check into luxe resorts are simply looking to disconnect from the world and have a relaxing experience.

Being the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has plenty of luxe accommodation spaces, and you will most likely be amazed by what these hotels have to offer. So let’s take a look at what you should expect from luxe hotels in this city.

You Can Expect the Following Amenities from Luxe Hotels in Jakarta Including:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

A typical luxe suite in this day and age should have Wi-Fi connectivity. Gone are the days that guests paid to access hotel Wi-Fi. Today luxury hotels understand that they are dealing with professional individuals since they have elected to reside in the hotel after all.

Any individual who checks into a luxe suite does so with the view that all the basics, including Wi-Fi, are catered for. As a visitor, the last thing you expect to see when checking out is hidden charges, including internet levies.

Bespoke Butler Service

Butler service is an amenity limited to those individuals who check into the presidential or executive suite in a luxe hotel. Therefore, personal butler services should be tailored in line with guests’ needs to ensure a hallmark experience for them.

Having a butler means that the person is there to attend to all your needs round-the-clock. So, for instance, if you need flowers for a romantic evening, consider it done; if you need a book for an evening read, it’s sorted out. In some hotels, they will even prepare meals, not on the menu.

Top of The Line Crib with Complementing Pieces

After a long day’s work or activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling, you are excited about going back to your suite, taking a long shower, and then relaxing on the comfortable bed or couch in your luxe suite.

The accompanying furniture in the suite is outstanding as well. This includes dimmable lights and sometimes heated floors. A luxe room will typically have a good TV so that you can enjoy your movies in HD.

Private Check-Ins

Guests who book luxury suites are afforded private check-ins because they pay more than the rest. Also, some of them could be VIPs, and they consider being in public security risk.

Also, in luxe hotels, you are likely to find valet services whereby when you get to the foyer, you alight from your car, and a valet takes over and drives your car to the parking lot. Also when you’re leaving your car will be brought to you.

Modern and Theme-Based Bistros

When you pay homage to a new city, one of the things that fascinate you most is having to experience different culinary treats. Luxe hotels usually have theme-based bistros that offer multiple menus, and you will most likely finding something to soothe your classy taste.

Apart from the food, luxury hotels are collectors of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You will find wines from around the world and juices squeezed from fruits that grow in different parts of the world. This is likely to improve your experience during your stay

Final Thought

To sum it all up, whether traveling for business or leisure check into a fancy hotel is always nice. However, having most if not all of the amenities illustrated above is even better because you will wake up in the morning feeling invigorated.

Featured Photo by Agatha Roslin on Unsplash