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Realistic Tips for Combining Work and Travel

For many people, combining work and travel is a dream that sounds out of reach. While getting a job to travel around the world is a challenging task, there are plenty of opportunities where travel lovers can now combine their work with their love for traveling. With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people now than ever have been working from home and this is sparking normality for remote work.  Many businesses are switching to permanent remote work which Is thankfully opening up opportunities for their employees to have more flexibility and freedom. Whether you’re wanting to become a digital nomad, or you’re wanting to just get in some travel while working your full-time job, here are some tips for combining work and travel.

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Think about the type of work that you do

 You’ll need to be realistic with yourself and ask whether or not you can travel in the line of work that you’re doing. This will include talking to your boss or manager that you’re wanting to have a more flexible schedule, but it also requires you to think about what you need to get your work done in a day. Do you have to constantly have a steady internet connection? How many hours a day are you working? How many hours a day are you not working? Is the type of work you do feasible to complete far from home? How about working in a different time zone? How flexible is the schedule? How much self-discipline do you have? These are a lot of questions, but it’s so important that you’re realistic with yourself in the type of work that you’re doing.

Look into taking a staycation

Staycations are a wonderful way to change the scenery in your surroundings. This staycation can last for a week, or however long you like. You’ll just need to make sure you have a solid internet connection and your company allows for different time zones. But this provides for an excellent way to experience a new destination while still getting to work. You can work in the mornings and afternoons and then you have the rest of the day off (including weekends) to roam around and experience this new location and culture.

Take a city break

City breaks are usually meant for weekends, but they’re an excellent way of changing up your scenery and getting out of the day-to-day routine that the weekdays have. City breaks are also very helpful as these can be very affordable too. Whether you’re going through a lot of stress, feeling some cabin fever, then a city break is one of the best and affordable ways to get a taste of a new location before having to settle back at home for the new work week.  This also takes away the stress of being at home and dealing with home life like having to think about the Charlotte home curb appeal for your house or the rest of your neighborhood.

Look into another job

One way out is to just find another job that will allow for work and travel. This can even include something such as freelancing. Freelancing has become one of the biggest go-to for many people as the gig economy has been exploding. There are plenty of websites for freelancing such as Upwork, Fiver, but many will also just build their own website too.  With freelancing or any kind of business that you create, you will then be able to have the online business on the move so you won’t need to worry about limitations for people such as coworkers and bosses.