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Looking Good When You Travel and Why It’s Important

People often underestimate the importance of looking your best when you travel. Whether it’s to meet people, to look great in photos, or just to feel more comfortable, there are plenty of great reasons why you should always try to look your best when travelling. So in this post, we’re going to both explain why it’s important, but also show you a few effortless ways to help you look your best wherever you go abroad.

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Consider the weather of the country you’re travelling to

One of the first things you should consider is the weather. No matter where you go, the weather is likely going to be different from where you currently are. Start doing your research early and make sure you check up on what the weather is like and how it’ll affect your clothing choices. If you need to stock up on new pieces, look at versatile brands such as Trenery that offer a wide range of different clothing options. This is a good place to start if you want to build a functional and practical wardrobe that is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. This helps to ensure that you’re comfortable and prepared for any kind of climate.

Look great in every selfie or photo that you take

Another good reason why you should look your best when travelling is to always look great when you take a selfie. You want to look great in your photographs because they’re memories of your journeys abroad, so learn how to take a good selfie and make sure you’re dressed up to make your photos that much more special and memorable. Everybody wants to look their best in photographs, so put on a little makeup and wear some clothes that make you look presentable. Not only will you look great in your own selfies and photos, but you’ll also look fantastic in other people’s pictures as well.

Choose skin care and makeup products that are practical.

When travelling, we seldom have time to sit down and go through our normal skincare and makeup routine. In addition, spending a lot of time outside in completely different weather conditions can mean that we’ll have to change up our products to ensure that they can withstand the climate. Whether it’s learning about makeup that lasts all day or just adding a few products to help protect your skin, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research into more practical makeup and skincare solutions.

Feel more comfortable in your own clothes

Lastly, going abroad can be rather daunting at times. You’re being placed in an unfamiliar situation and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. That’s why it’s incredibly important to think about clothing and makeup choices that make you feel comfortable with your style. This can instil a sense of confidence that helps you travel without anxiety. Looking and feeling your best when you go abroad can certainly help you enjoy your trip abroad a little more and we highly suggest that you choose some outfits that really resonate with you. Don’t try too hard to fit in with the locals and don’t wear something that you wouldn’t in your home country; just focus on comfort and be yourself.

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Simple tips to help you look your best when you travel

  • Always pack for the weather and humidity. Hot and humid weather can be a complete change to what many people are used to. You should be packing for the weather and choosing clothes that are good for humid conditions. Don’t make the mistake of trying to wear the same outfits abroad as you do at home, especially if you’re not paying close attention to the weather in your destination country.

  • Do a few test selfies at home before you go abroad. If taking great social media pictures is your thing then you should absolutely do a few test selfies before you go abroad. This will help you adjust your makeup and outfits so that you’re happy with the results before you start snapping pictures abroad.

  • Try a practical skincare and makeup routine. When we travel, we need to slim down the number of products that we use during our skincare and makeup routine in the morning. This helps us reduce the number of things we carry with us and ensures that we can still look and feel great while saving a lot of time that can be spent outside exploring rather than in a bathroom.

  • Wear pieces that are functional. Function pieces refer to clothing that we can wear just about anywhere. This means pieces that are nice and loose so that it’s good for the humidity but can also keep you warm. Interchangeable pieces are also helpful so that you can mix and match your clothes to create unique looks every day without having to bring a whole wardrobe full of clothes.

  • Don’t bring too many statement pieces. One of the problems with statement pieces is that you often need to design your entire outfit around them just because of how unique and different they are. This will ultimately require you to bring lots of different pieces of clothing to complement the statement piece, leading to a heavy suitcase full of clothes that aren’t practical or interchangeable with other styles.

  • Try statement accessories that can be mixed and matched instead. But if you still want your outfits to look unique and different, try statement accessories instead. This is a fantastic way to mix and match different pieces to create unique outfits, and statement accessories can help you stand out with your look without taking up too much space in your luggage. Think large necklaces, fancy hats, and other small accessories that you can bring with you.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas on how you can prepare for any kind of holiday and still look great in a variety of different outfits.