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Instagram-Worthy Destinations For People Who Want Epic Snaps

Sometimes, your travel destination itself doesn’t matter as much as how epic it looks on your social media feed. You want to go somewhere nice – yes – but you also want people to drool over your travel snaps on Instagram. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here, we’ve pulled together some of the best destinations from around the world that provide the most beautiful backdrops for anyone looking to get followed on social networks. Check out these destinations and what makes them so wonderful for photos. 

Oahu, Hawaii

Unsplash – CC0 License

Oahu is an out-of-this-world beautiful Hawaiian island originally made when a volcano erupted on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. It features beautiful, rugged volcanic slopes (that look a bit like mountains), plenty of stunning beaches, and lots of attractive nature reserves and wildlife areas. It’s been a popular destination for travel bloggers for the last decade, and it is still going strong thanks to its relatively unspoiled beauty. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town might sound like an odd place to list as one of the most photogenic in the world, but don’t knock the place until you’ve been. The city right at the tip of Africa has the unusual appeal of being almost completely surrounded by mountains, including the famous Table Mountain which rises to a high plateau. 

Many people use the surrounding mountains as a vantage point to look down and photograph the city and the ocean. They also spend time in the beautiful vineyards that surround the foot of the mountain and make some of South Africa’s most beautiful wines. 

Bora Bora

If you can get there, it is well worth visiting the Pacific Islands of Bora Bora. These have everything that you could possibly want as an Instagram travel blogger. Backdrops include moss-green mountaintops, palm trees and white sand beaches. The islands also have plenty of lagoons and natural harbors that provide additional opportunities to spot wildlife and enjoy clean, turquoise waters. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Unsplash – CC0 License

Lisbon is the Portuguese capital and one of the most charming cities you’ll ever visit. The country has done an excellent job of keeping the majority of it relatively industry-free so a lot of it feels like walking around a historical site.

For photographers, Lisbon is a dream. It’s right on the coast, home to some spectacular architecture, and has plenty of narrow streets that take weeks to explore fully. 

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination for Europeans. This little island is a part of Spain and sits about fifty miles off the coast in the Mediterranean. 

The entire island is stunning. Along the coast are some beautiful stone villages and, if you travel inland, you’ll come across high mountains which you can climb if you want to. In the mountains, you’ll find more luxury villas, resorts and hotels, as well as signposts and tracks to guide your way. 

Phuket, Thailand

Unsplash – CC0 License

If you take a trip to Phuket, Thailand, you’ll want to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone. That’s because there is so much to take in here. 

Phuket is a well-known backpacking haven. It’s the sort of place you can explore and quickly come across all manner of hidden gems – particularly beaches. 

If you’re interested in sharing your love of the party scene on Instagram, then it comes in handy for that too. Taking photos at a full moon party can be a lot of fun. 

The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are another Instagram-worthy travel destination. And the best bit? You can get great snaps of this part of the world year-round.

The Alps cover more than half of the country of Switzerland. During the winter months (until April time) you can go skiing, so long as the avalanche risk is low. And in the summer, there are biking and hiking opportunities, making it popular year-round. To avoid the crowds, go at the beginning of fall. This way, you beat the summer rush and you miss the start of the ski season. 

Algarve, Portugal

For those looking to share snaps of stunning scenery, then the Algarve in Portugal is an obvious choice. This attractive haunt is a unique stretch of coastline that has beautiful cliffs, stunning beaches and many cute villages along the coast. 

The Maldives

The Maldives is a chain of islands in the Indian ocean off the coast of Africa. The majority of the territory is hotels and beach resorts, with the primary income being from tourism. For photographers, it’s a dream come try, owning to the beautiful seas and scattered island outcrops studding the horizon.