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Must-Haves for Your Warm-Weather Vacation

Summer is the perfect time to plan a getaway to your dream destination. If that dream destination happens to be somewhere with a warmer climate, be sure to pack appropriately. Without a comprehensive list of must-haves for your warm-weather vacation, you may end up on the beach without sunscreen or lounging by the pool without a sun hat.  


Your warmer vacation destination is likely to offer more intense rays than you’re used to. While plenty of folks strive to deepen their skin tone during their getaways, you still need to protect your skin throughout your trip. One of the quickest ways to waste perfectly good vacation time is by getting a painful sunburn or sun blisters.  

Protect your skin by lathering up on sunscreen. If you’re only traveling with a carry-on, be sure to make a quick trip to the grocery store for some SPF once you land.  

Skin Protection Suggestion: If your vacation activities involve sweating or swimming, opt for waterproof sunscreen. If you have acne-prone skin or intend on wearing makeup over your sunscreen, purchase non-comedogenic sunscreen for your face. This type of sunscreen won’t block your pores and will still provide the protection you need.  

An Insulated Water Bottle 

Warm weather means more sweating, which means greater chances of dehydration. Always keeping cool water within reach decreases your risk of heatstroke, headaches, and dehydration, and it keeps your skin healthy and glowing.  

A Trusty Beach Bag 

For all your trips to the beach, you’ll need a reliable beach bag. A nice beach bag keeps your water bottle, sunglasses, books, snacks, and all other necessary beach items together and secure while you enjoy your time lounging in the sun or splashing in the water. If you’re in the market for a new beach tote, be sure to peruse the best beach bags for summer 2021. 

Airy Clothing 

Airy shorts, tanks, and other clothing are obvious must-haves for your warm-weather vacation. Whether you plan on hiking or hitting the town, pack plenty of lightweight textiles to stay cool and comfortable during your trip.  

A Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat 

Double down on sun protection with a wide-brimmed hat. If you’re not a fan of the safari look, don’t fret—wide-brimmed hats come in all sorts of sizes and styles to choose from. You can keep your look streetwear chic with a sleek bucket hat or extra beachy with an oversized, wide-brimmed straw hat.

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