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Living In an RV: How Much Does It Cost?

Working remotely has been going well, but what if you could be even more remote? Phoning in to the office from a campground in the middle of nowhere might sound exciting, but how much does it cost to live in an RV?

Buying the RV

The most sizable expense is also the most obvious expense. Getting your RV can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000, depending on whether or not you want to get one that’s brand new. You’ll probably need a loan to get your RV, so consider your finances before proceeding.

Utilities and Gas

You’ll need to pay for internet service if you’re planning to work from your RV. The internet can cost up to $300 a month, but there are many less expensive options. For phone service and internet, expect to pay a few hundred dollars a month.

Gas will be your most expensive utility, but how much you use is up to you. The more you travel, the more your gas costs will be, and you can easily end up shelling out hundreds of dollars a month on fuel.

Camping Costs

Depending on where you are and what season it is, campground rent will vary. Some campgrounds might offer free spaces, while others could charge you $60 a night. Do your research before your RV sets sail so you’ll have an idea of your nightly rent.

Grocery Runs

Again, this is up to you. These expenses will likely be similar to your current grocery bill but consider the shifting prices of food based on where your RV is parked. California’s gallon of milk will cost much more than Idaho’s, for instance.

RV Insurance

If you want to live successfully in your RV, you must insure it. RV insurance will run you around $800 a year, but there are many factors to consider when buying. Roadside assistance is always a plus when your vehicle is also your domicile—living on the side of a highway is not a good plan!

All in all, RV life can be fairly expensive, but it could end up costing less than your current rent. Now that you know how much it costs to live in an RV, you can decide for yourself if you want to show up to your next conference call from a forest in Maine.

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