PeterLynn Ltd. Never Just a Label.

Nearly every consumable and manufactured product requires a label. For brewing, and countless other industries, labels form the first contact for consumers. They also have to keep up with any changes that are made with their product. This makes labelling an industry of constant change and development where printers either spend their time chasing after, or finding ways to stay ahead, of these. I caught up with Tim Hayward of PeterLynn Labels to discuss what it takes to do just this.



A manufacturer’s needs for a label focuses on the design, material, adhesive and ink. At the same time, from a consumer’s point of view, a label displays important information that the manufacturer believes they need to know. This can be as straight forward as a brand name and barcode upon a bottle of hair gel or as critical as a warning of “Do Not Drink” upon a bottle of bleach.

Labels carry the branding of millions of products on thousands of different surfaces, with thousands of different requirements. These sorts of challenges have made labelling an industry where your heels never touch the ground.

Tim, who is the Sales Director at PeterLynn, shares that they print and supply self-adhesive labels. Established in 1985, they serve a broad spectrum of industries including consumer and electronic goods, adhesive and glue companies, chemical producers, dozens of spirit brands and over eighty beer breweries across the United Kingdom.

Since its launch, the business has operated from its base in the East Midlands and in that time they have earned a reputation for evolving to stay at the leading edge of printing technology. And to say that the industries that PeterLynn serve have also changed since the 80s, would be a gross understatement.

Survival in this industry means ongoing innovation and adaptation and this evolution has enabled the company to meet almost any customer need. Backed by the best of printing technology, including the latest inkjet, digital toner, flexographic and foil-based printing technologies, and an impressive range of high-quality embellishment and finishing options.

The latest evolution that PeterLynn is driving with its customers is the shift to sustainable packaging options. With an ever-increasing number of customers searching for sustainable solutions, PeterLynn is simplifying the complex landscape of label sustainability for their customers and supporting their shift towards smaller carbon footprints.


While they do have larger clients (all the way up to large multi-nationals), Tim reveals that they specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses who may need help finding the right combination of materials, printing processes, and label finishing options for their needs.

On a daily basis, the team discuss the design, texture, colour and functional needs of labels for dozens of different industries. Brewery cans, gin bottles, hotel amenities, peel and reveal stickers, heat transfer labels, chemical, aromatherapy, healthcare, food and beverage, electrical and rating, footwear, packaging, automotive, retail, pet, equine and even male grooming product labels. It sounds like a lot to keep on top of but according to Tim the solution for managing this is actually simple.

“It’s all about communication,” says Tim, “We talk to our clients and make sure we understand their unique product development journey. We like to think five years ahead and this is how we’ve been able to futureproof not only our labelling but also our expertise and market relevance.”


Over the years the equipment for production and design has changed and evolved as much as the product and the client needs. Offering fast, efficient, reliable products requires the fastest, most efficient and absolutely reliable equipment, processes and training available.

Over time PeterLynn has built its capabilities across a wide range of printing technologies, the company is now perfectly placed to be able to offer the full spectrum of label options to customers, from high volume industrial labels to detailed premium labels for high-end spirits brands.

Of course, PeterLynn didn’t begin their company with the intention of being the one-stop shop for every business. Rather, their range of services is a result of their constant innovation and opportunism. Also, they don’t pass up a challenge.

“We assess what we’ve done and research on how it can be improved,” says Tim, “Then we look at what else we can do with what we’ve learnt for customers in other industries and other label use cases. And if a client needs something that we don’t produce, we find a way to produce it. You have to improvise and constantly learn on the move.”



As a one stop shop Tim believes it is their reputation for detail and reliability that has shaped the company. Their customer base is packed with businesses that they have worked with for years. Not only are these relationships at the heart of PeterLynn they are also a powerful tool for gathering new clients, as growing businesses often share the contacts of good suppliers.

In a recent inhouse survey 96% of their customers rated them between 8 and 10 out of ten and Tim is determined to do even better in the coming year. He explains that thanks to Covid, small to medium enterprises have learnt that survival and innovation are linked. Coming out of last year, he has seen that many of their customers have newfound ambition and are looking to achieve great things over the next twelve months.

“If nothing else it is a credit to our team that our customers, when it comes to putting their ambitious plans into action, automatically assume that we are primed and ready to support them,” says Tim, “And of course we are.”


Firmly established in the UK, there is a great role that PeterLynn plays that goes beyond merely providing labels.

For our customers running a small to medium enterprise is a challenge. There are always other things to worry about and owners are inevitably trying to keep many plates spinning while juggling their lives around. For many of these businesses, getting the final label on their product is a major step that validates the blood sweat and tears that goes into just getting a product to that point.

Suppliers, like PeterLynn, offer something far greater than just a product. They offer expertise and reliability that adds confidence to a product, and experience that helps their client avoid costly errors in the future. They add worth to the product value, directly affecting the bottom line. And, they offer a solid foundation for future work.



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