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What You Should Always Pack for Unpredictable Weather

Business trips are full of meetings and agendas that are not very thrilling. But if you have time to spend by yourself, you should take full advantage of it. Should you find yourself in a new place with hours of free time, you will want to have everything you need on hand, including weather-related items. Here is what you should always pack for unpredictable weather.

Bring Plenty of Layers

The beautiful thing about layers is that you can always add or subtract them for optimal body-temperature management. If you plan to visit a place where the weather fluctuates between hot and cold on a dime, you should always wear lighter layers underneath and heavier ones on top. That way, when temperatures climb, you can doff the hotter items in a flash. Even in the hottest months, there are many great jackets to keep during summer. As a business professional, you’ll likely travel for work-related events, so bring layers that will work in professional environments as well.

Pack Weather-Resistant Accessories

Temperature is a significant factor to consider when packing, but so is the weather. If you anticipate heavy rains and storms, you will want a strong, wind-resistant umbrella and a poncho to protect your work clothes. You should also think about using a weather-proof phone case in the event your clothes become laden with water, or you fall into a puddle. If you experience relentless rain, you will also want waterproof shoes or leather sneakers to protect your feet from the cold wetness outside.

Stock Up on Health-Related Extras

Unpredictable weather can turn the nicest day into the rainiest or coldest one. That’s why you should pack health-related items on your trip so you can weather every storm. For example, you should always bring sunscreen for any hot, sunny days you plan to spend outdoors. Without enough sunscreen, a four-hour exploration of a cute town could result in a blistering sunburn.

You should also bring moisturizing lotion if you suffer from dry skin. Should you find yourself in a dry, arid place, you will want that extra moisture at the end of the day. Another thing to consider is the possibility of sickness. If you catch a cold in the rain, you may want cough medicine to alleviate your symptoms.

Knowing what you should always pack for unpredictable weather can help you stay safe and healthy no matter what the day throws at you. Whether you spend your time in meetings or a weekend on the town, you must have the right equipment to make it through the day.

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