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Tips for a Quieter Car Ride

The worst game to play on a road trip is “What’s that Weird Car Sound?” Cars making unusual sounds is an indicator that something is wrong. Abnormal noises can signify very minor problems—or very big ones.

A loud muffler or squealing brake pads isn’t enjoyable for anyone inside or outside the car. The exhaust system needs repair, a belt in the engine might need replacing, or your car might need some maintenance.

Recognizing what these sounds mean can help you prevent a breakdown and make journeys in the car more enjoyable. Check out these tips for a quieter car ride!

New Tires and Suspension

A humming or grinding sound when you change lanes could mean it’s time for new wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are responsible for reducing friction so your tires can rotate smoothly. Conversely, you might need new tires if you hear a knocking or thumping.

Your suspension could also be the culprit if you hear creaking or squeaking sounds during turns.

Inspect Your Exhaust System

Exhaust systems rust and deteriorate over time. Familiar sounds of a bad muffler can be as subtle as a soft rattling noise—or the muffler becoming twice as loud. A rumble when you start your car could mean an exhaust flex pipe failure. Repairing your exhaust system with a reputable mechanic can silence these sounds.

Regular Car Maintenance

Keeping your car on a regular maintenance schedule is one of the more accessible tips for a quieter car ride. You can catch mechanical problems, such as troubling sounds and more before they’re exacerbated.

Sound-dampening Materials

Wind and road noise can make road trips less enjoyable. You can reduce unwanted street sounds with sound-dampening materials. Adding weatherstripping to your car doors can be a great solution if they have lousy sealing. You can reach difficult spots with soundproofing sprays, which can fill any pinholes that cause noise due to wind.

Solving the mystery behind odd car sounds and quieting your interior offers peace of mind. Keeping your car maintained will make your next road trip a little bit easier.

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