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What You Need to Start Living the Van Life

The van life has become increasingly popular as more people have documented the transformation of their ordinary cars into traveling home vehicles. The allure of building a traveling home vehicle to see new locations has converted many people to embark on their own adventures. However, living out of a van also requires a ton of supplies and preparation. In this blog, we will share what you need to start living the van life.

The Right Vehicle

Finding the right vehicle for your van life is critical to successfully living on the road. There are several factors to consider before choosing a vehicle, including size, milage, and convertibility.

Vans must have enough space to build designated areas for sleeping, eating, cooking, bathing, and driving. The mileage and condition of a van’s transmission are also imperative to check before purchase to avoid mechanical difficulties while traveling.

Finally, it is crucial to choose a vehicle that makes you feel comfortable and confident with converting it into a home. Deconstructing and rebuilding a car is no simple task. Finding a van with commercial van storage systems and space for more straightforward construction will make your design process smoother.  

Work From the Road Connections

Traveling around the world in a camper van means exploring new places and new experiences. While it’s easy to get lost in the van life adventure, it is essential to consider working from the road. Investing in a strong internet connection, a robust laptop, and ample workspace will ensure that you can meet your business needs while embarking on your new adventure.

Maintenance Essentials

Hiccups on the road will inevitably occur as you travel throughout different areas of the country. When these hiccups happen, it is crucial to have the proper maintenance supplies to fix mechanical problems and return to the road safely. 

Every camper van should have supplies to tackle dead transmission batteries, flat tires, bathroom malfunctions, and wiring issues. Travelers should store these supplies in an easily accessible area of their vehicles. Emergency supply kits with protein bars, water, and safety tools should also be stored in your van as a precaution. 

Although many people are entranced by the boldness of living on the road, few understand what you need to start living the van life. If you are interested in trying this lifestyle, review this list of essentials and prepare yourself for any inevitable hiccups on the road. While the process of planning, building, and embarking on these adventures can be tedious, the benefit of traveling around the country is quite the reward.  

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