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Staycationing – Ideas To Fuel Summer Fun

After a long year stuck at home looking at the same four walls – it’s no surprise that now restrictions are starting to lift a lot of us are jumping at the chance to get away. 

The pandemic rocked the world in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021 it still impacted our lives on a day to day basis. Now that the cases have begun to recede and many of us have had vaccinations – it is finally looking safe to travel abroad once more.


But if you are still feeling a little worried about travelling abroad with a lot of people, there are still ways to enjoy some time off from home. Now it is time to take a look at ways to enjoy your time off by enjoying some staycation activities -and today we are going to share some great ideas with you that you should try. 

These ideas are all about making the most of your home, garden, and local area this summer and really get that experience of a vacation without flying anywhere

Attend an open air concert 

Even though indoor activities might still worry you while the pandemic is still ongoing – you can still enjoy lots of activities in the fresh air. Open air concerts are often carried out in parks or out on the beach and they can be a great way to spend a special evening together while you are off work. Consider booking yourself a hotel for the night, going for a drink and food, and then attending an open air concert with your loved ones. You can make a day of it and visit early for a walk around the town, before enjoying your concert in the evening and an overnight stay. 

Host a garden party 

One way to enjoy your staycation without going anywhere at all is to host a garden party for your family and friends. Summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather and you can set up the grill outside to cook burgers and sausages and chicken, and make side dishes for everyone to tuck into. Hang bunting around the garden to make it feel special and consider filling a wheelbarrow with ice and store your beers in here ready for the taking! A party like this will be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and it will feel as if you are on holiday without even leaving your house! 

Eat alfresco 

Perhaps one of the best aspects of being on holiday is the ability to leave the poolside of your hotel, get ready for the evening, and walk along the seafront to find a restaurant with outdoor dining. But why can’t you enjoy this at home? If you are having a staycation this year consider choosing a sunny day and set up your chair and table outside with wine or beers, cutlery and crockery, and make a meal you both love. Dining out in the sun will be fun no matter the temperature and once it gets chilly you can cuddle up underneath a blanket and enjoy a drink or two. 

Have a board game evening 

One fun way to spend a staycation if you have kids is to make a load of mini foods such as pizza and sandwiches and then set up the table for a family board game night. You can keep the kids occupied for the evening and it will be a fun way to spend time as a family that isn’t sitting in front of the tv watching random shows and movies. 

Go camping locally 

One of the things that is great about a staycation is that you get to make the most of small day trips as well as one night stays. One way to spend a sunny summer staycation is to book yourself at a campsite for a couple of nights in the sunshine. It will be a fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and you can enjoy new experiences with your loved ones. 

Try your town’s tourist spots 

When was the last time you woke up and decided to be a tourist in your own town for the day? A lot of the time as we love our day to day lives we take for granted what is right on our doorstep. Consider waking up early one morning and going into your town or city for the day, and experience all of the tourist attractions and activities you would in any other location. There are museums and art galleries, wineries and bars, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy. Spend the day as a tourist closer to home and you might just discover places you never knew existed! 

Have a movie night 

On a rainy day at home, why not head to the shops and pick up the perfect supplies for a movie night? Use newspaper to black out the windows in your living room and close the curtains to make it into a cinema experience, and choose a few of your favourite movies to binge as a family – and ban phones! Have your family dress up as a certain character and get immersed in the film. Make snacks like popcorn or nachos and even pizza for the family and this could be a great way to spend an evening with the ones you love this summer. 

Go for a sunset drive

One simple way to make the most of your own local area when staying at home is to enjoy a sunset drive and view the spectacle at a local viewpoint. There will be either a park or a hill close to where you live that is perfect for the viewing of a sunset – and there is nothing to stop you jumping in the car with a flask of hot chocolate to go and view this stunning site with your partner. It will be a romantic moment and will allow you to enjoy views you never thought you would get at home. 

Go for a picnic 

Picnicking is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and you can pack up lots of fun treats to take to a local park or beauty spot for the day. Consider making small sandwiches, pasta salad, cupcakes and other goodies to bring out with you on your trip – and bring some plastic glasses for a bottle of wine or some beer bottles along too! Enjoy a summer picnic close to home and get a little bit Merry at the same time! What could be better? 

Have a DIY spa day 

If you are the type of holidaymaker who loves to use the spa facilities at your hotel – why not make a DIY spa day at home? Consider your favourite treatments such as a facial or a massage and do these at home with your partner. Enjoy a warm soak in the bath and some chocolate covered strawberries for the ultimate spa experience at home this summer. 

Do a virtual wine tasting 

One great activity you can enjoy from home is a wine tasting over Zoom. Since the pandemic started many restaurants are offering virtual wine tasting experiences where you can buy a ticket and receive a few bottles of wine to taste as well as antipasti to eat. This could be a great choice for a Saturday night at home and you’ll be able to sample some stunning wines and food while enjoying a true restaurant experience. 

Staycations are more fun than you might think and with these ideas you’ll have no trouble making the most of your next week off at home!