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Tips for Choosing a Corporate Housing Provider

Any business traveler knows that finding suitable lodging is essential but tough. Luckily, corporate housing providers make that search easier, especially if you’re staying at your destination for a month or two. That said, you must consider some key factors when seeking good corporate housing. Below, you’ll find three tips for choosing a corporate housing provider for your next business trip.

Learn Their Reputation

Although “corporate housing” sounds fancy, treat your evaluation of each provider as you would any average hotel. Head online and read user reviews to ensure the housing provider gives the experience they advertise. Besides online reviews, you can check out the company’s BBB rating. And if you know any other professionals who have done plenty of traveling, ask them about any corporate housing providers they recommend near your destination. No matter how you go about it, you must determine the housing company’s reputation.

Look Into Their CHPA Membership

CHPA stands for Corporate Housing Providers Association, a fairly straightforward name. Any reputable corporate housing provider will have a CHPA membership. This means they must follow a set of industry rules and regulations. CHPA membership holders have access to resources such as an accreditation program, an annual conference, and a code of ethics that acts as a guiding light for service providers striving for top-tier professionalism. If you’re speaking with a corporate housing company that doesn’t have a CHPA membership, look elsewhere for your temporary living needs.

Consider Your Options

This doesn’t just mean considering different service providers, but also considering different housing options a provider has available. Not every service provider or individual housing unit will have the same amenities and costs. If you’re bringing your family along with you, you should ensure your corporate housing unit can handle it, perhaps by offering certain amenities. In fact, those specialized amenities are one of the major differences between corporate housing and Airbnb, even though newcomers typically assume they’re the same thing.

These tips for choosing a corporate housing provider will help you find the perfect match. There are many different corporate housing options on the market, so taking the time to find the best one for your needs will go a long way. If you’re planning your next business trip, now is as good a time as ever to put these tips to the test.

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