British Isles Travel Tips

Rabbie’s Top Tips for booking a sustainable holiday

The last year has led consumers to be much more sustainably focused, the public are becoming consistently more engaged and putting their money where their mouth is. With travel on hold for the best part of the last year, sustainable options are becoming more favourable. Whether that be supporting independent businesses or choosing an environmental option.

Small group tour specialist, Rabbie’s (, specialises in sustainable travel and has shared its top tips to consider when booking an eco-friendly holiday.

  1. Consider your mode of transport

While it’s hard to resist the temptation of a self-drive holiday post-pandemic, this convenient way of getting around is not the most eco-friendly. Travelling using communal transport modes, such as by small mini-bus, is a much more fuel-efficient option to reduce your carbon emissions while travelling. Domestic coach tours are a great way to explore the country and visit destinations off-the-beaten track in a sustainable way by lowering the number of independent vehicles on the road.

  1. Visit smaller communities

Steer clear of tourist hot-spots and opt to visit destinations that are typically out of reach. Areas outside of the standard sightseeing trail have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Tourism spend is worth so much more to these smaller communities and sustainable travellers have an opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of locals. Consider taking a trip to areas such as the Isle of Wight, North Wales and the lesser-known lakes of the Lake District.

  1. Leave no trace

Particularly important when choosing to visit natural beauty locations, travellers should aim to leave places as they found them (or in some circumstances, in a better shape than when they arrived). Travelling on a small group tour allows for groups to avoid making loud noise and let nature’s sound prevail. A local, knowledgeable guide will help to ensure that travellers respect the communities being visited to ensure an enjoyable journey for those on the tour, as well as those who will visit next. With so many amazing natural beauty locations to visit across the UK such as the woodlands of the Peak District National Park and the beaches of Lewis and Harris, it’s vital to preserve these destinations for years to come.

  1. Choose a responsible operator

Selecting to holiday with a sustainable and morally-sound operator will ensure you’re making the world a better place through travel. Tour companies with substantial green credentials and responsible travel initiatives are a great way to reduce the impact your travels have on the environment in which you are visiting. Small-group touring company, Rabbie’s, have environmental protection as a core focus of the business. The company even taxes itself £10 for every tonne of CO2 they use, with staff then voting on which community or environmental project this money should go towards each year.