Business Literature

Four books Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Should Read.

I detest, hate and find boring all ‘self help’ books and ‘how i made my millions’ books. Maybe this is why I’m a digital nomad who lives in Airbnbs when he travels instead of luxury villas on the beach- but aww well, we all have our little problems.

I do however believe firmly that everyone should keep their minds updated, their motivation high and their brains focused. It’s how you do it that makes the difference. Essentially, I think we need to educate ourselves in whatever way works for each of us.


Billionaire autobiographies bore me but I adore fiction and good stories. Below are my a small collection of essential books that are dogeared with covers like the leather of old shoes. These are a selection of the books that I turn to when I need to  remind myself of whats important and need some motivation to drag me out of the mental holes we so easily slip into nowadays.

#1. The Truth- Terry Pratchett

Business and journalism. It’s all about people, standing for something, building relationships and a reputation.  As always Terry Pratchett weaves together a novel as satyrical as it is insightful, providing lessons on the back of gut-aching laughter. You’ll finish the novel feeling that you’ve learnt more than any “how to book” on the subject. Interestingly, while it was published in 2000 it is as relevant today as ever. Merely substitute a newspaper for a website, digital magazine or Youtube channel and you’ll see the the truth truly does last.

#2. The Martian – Andy Weir.

If you dare to run your own business and follow something you love doing. You will, guaranteed, come up against some challenges that seem impossible to overcome. The Martian is a pretty entertaining film, but the book is brilliant for highlighting how no matter what happens, you can always make a plan and get it done. The important thing is to take on challenges one step at a time, one challenge at a time. One of the most over read books in my library, it never ceases to remind me to know my industry, test and experiment, to make calculated decisions and plan ahead. Also, the importance of always having a sense of humour. Never give up.

#3. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. By JK Rowling. Voiced by Eddie Redmayne.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the only audiobook on the list (but most of them can be found as audiobooks), I add it here because its a bit of far off fantasy that helps me believe in the impossible and the magical. If you stop believing in the unbelievable then you’re never going to achieve the impossible. Also, the audiobook voiced by Eddie Redmayne is the perfect sleep catalyst and I listen to it every evening as a cure for insomnia. I start listening from A and Im asleep before D

#4. Making Money- Terry Pratchett

Humour works when it’s true and the fact is that Terry Pratchett knows, sorry knew (it will never sink in), how to find and highlight the comedy and the truth in all things with pinpoint accuracy. This is a fantastic story and a great learning tool on business in general with many noteworthy examples of how to turn businesses around and the importance of thinking outside the box. Definite page turner.

While at home the smell and feel of books can never be replaced, but when travelling having all of your favourite books available can make all the difference to your experience.