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Digital Nomad: How To Nail Your Online Presentation or Vlog.

The businessperson who is constantly traveling likely knows the joys of giving online presentations. These days, even those who don’t travel regularly will find themselves delivering online presentations quite frequently. While virtual presentations are basically the same as in-person ones, delivering a virtual presentation feels very different and requires the use of different strategies. Here’s how to nail your online presentation.

Dress Professionally

Just because your presentation is virtual doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look professional! Take the time to choose a professional outfit like a suit or a nice shirt or blouse and do your hair and your makeup if you wear it, just as you would if you were giving the presentation in person.

Consider Your Background

When you’re working and presenting from a location outside the office, your background may not automatically look professional. If your workspace also happens to be the place you’re living, tidy up the area that will be visible on camera and sit with a neutral wall or picture behind you. If you’d prefer, you can instead use a virtual background to hide your surroundings and create the illusion that you’re presenting from a different location.

Use a Teleprompter

To help you remember your script and look natural while doing so, try using a teleprompter while presenting. Before presenting with it, set up your teleprompter in a convenient location and learn how to work with it. Learning to use a teleprompter takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, your teleprompter will help you to improve your presentations.

Engage Your Audience

Whether your presentation is in-person or virtual, it’s important to actively engage your audience. The last thing you want during your presentation is bored, zoned-out listeners! Engaging your audience is admittedly more difficult virtually, but it is certainly possible. Position your camera in such a way that your audience can see both your face and your hands, allowing you to communicate with gestures, facial expressions, and your words. Start your presentation with an engaging hook and communicate your points clearly throughout. Remember to make eye contact with your audience throughout the presentation—in an online presentation, this means looking at your camera, wherever it is positioned.

With these tips, you now know how to nail your online presentation, no matter what room of your house or part of the world you’re presenting from. Stay prepared and confident, and we wish you the best of luck on your next big presentation!

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