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African Traits. Professionalism and Integrity.

African Traits has been a leader in the Tanzanian tourism industry since 2016, showing travellers and visitors from around the globe the majesty of Africa. Leading by example, founder Godfrey Willy believes that consistent integrity and professionalism are the keys to running a successful safari business in 2021.


Godfrey’s passion for tourism began at a young age when he was fortunate enough to attend a safari group as a student. And it’s safe to say he developed an appetite for it. This passion for his industry and trade has been an inspiration to his staff who consistently strive to ensure their clients have the best experience possible.

“Prior to Covid we had seventeen staff members,” he reflects, “Now we have two but in business you must always expect setbacks and believe in your ability to work past them.”

Through a very varied career one thing that Godfrey has demonstrated is an incredible sensitivity to the wellbeing of others. This has been reflected through onto his clients, but it began at home. For example, prior to beginning African Traits, he was teaching Swahili (the local language) to volunteers while striving to support a local family to help pay for their youngest daughter to enrol in school. With qualifications in tourism and management, he had already started to plan people’s excursions out of a love for sharing the beauty of his home and saw this as an opportunity to support his local community.

“After completing my diploma in Tourism Management at the Tanzania Institute of Wildlife Research, I decided to start African Traits,” he says, “It is my goal to share the incredible beauty of Africa with as many people as possible from all around the globe.”


African Traits safaris last from one day up to twenty and offer unlimited game drives. If overnight, guests can have a combination of both hotels and safari tents, dependent on their tastes. Safaris and accommodations are updated yearly. There is a focus on volunteerism, and they partner with  Neema Village in Arusha


Godfrey makes sure that all of their clients have their temperatures taken every day, before and during the safari. Their drivers wear masks at all times while with clients and they also have spare masks in their vehicles as well as hand sanitiser.

“Over and above the measures we have in place, we also don’t sell joint safaris anymore and we only have private tours,” he explains, “This is because if it is a family, we are comfortable to keep them together and not to join them with other people.”

Precautions are explained literally as soon as clients are collected from the airport and all guides have attended the safety course so that they are able to assist and answer any questions right from the start.


Godfrey takes a personal approach to customer relations and meets all of their clients in person before and after their adventure with African Traits, he believes this builds up a good relationship with them.

“We also make sure to send seasonal greetings as well as update them if we have new products coming up through their email,” he says, “This also gives us the opportunity to keep them updated on current affairs like the Covid situation ensuring that they are kept informed.”

PRICE: Between $300 and $700 per day

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255 658 552 186

EMAIL: info@africantraits.com

WEBSITE: www.africantraits.com

*The Lost Executive Ltd cannot be held responsible for any experiences had with African Traits. No matter how amazing. You should always do your research prior to booking.

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