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Up the mountain and back again. Snow Africa Adventures

So! You’ve decided that you are going to conquer one of Africa’s greatest and most dominating mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro.  The question is, who can you trust to get you up the mountain and back again safely?

Snow Africa Adventures has been guiding intrepid adrenaline junkies, bucket list-completers and generic over-achievers up those peaks and down again since 2012 when the business was founded by owner Florent Zachary Ipananga.

Indeed, when it comes to climbing the slopes of a horizon dominating mountain like Mount Kilimanjaro, experience counts for everything. Florent spent twelve years working as a mountain and safari guide for various companies and shaping what would become a reliable and thrilling adventure offering.


All of Florent’s staff are employed locally and offer their unique experience and understanding of their country and the endless range of things to see.  From single day trips, to 12 day itineraries Snow Africa Adventure applies local knowledge, passion and experience to ensure that clients get a multi-layered and wholly satisfying experience. Provided at reasonable rates as well, the safaris can offer a number of unique features based on location, style of vehicle and desired experiences.

“Some clients are looking for an adventure that takes them out of their day to day lives,” Florent says, “Others want to feel the grass against their legs and hear the animals nearby and many more are looking to get those perfect photographs for the adventure album.”

As such, the safaris have a significant “wow factor’‘ and take place mainly in the Northern Circuit which include the national parks of  Tarangire, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Arusha, Kilimanjaro National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

“We have  4×4 and open roof vehicles and Land Cruisers,” Florent adds, “These are very useful for the photography safaris which we expect to grow significantly in 2021. Fortunately for any aspiring wildlife photographers, the ten years’ worth of experience from our guides can help them get those perfect images.”


Ensuring that the accommodation contributes to the overall safari experience, the itineraries offer a mixture of hotels and tented camps. Each of these locations offer something different but all keep to a reliable standard of comfort.

“We aim to ensure that the hospitality part of the safaris is as strong an experience as the safari itself,” Florent explains, “So we update our accommodations as often as we update our safaris and pay close attention to our guest’s feedback.”


“It is the responsibility for businesses like ours to set a high standard when it comes to protecting our team and our guests from concerns like Coronavirus,” Florent declares. And they take every precaution including checking temperatures, washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks and providing easily accessible hand sanitiser in each vehicle.

Interestingly, Florent reveals that thanks to a steady flow of travellers coming from France and Russia to East Africa, some safari and hospitality businesses have been taking bookings since October 2020. With some hotels in Zanzibar showing 95% capacity, companies like Snow Africa Adventures have been under pressure to ensure that their PPE measures have been perfect.

“It is simply a new requirement,  and if you tick the right boxes and follow the right procedures for guests everyone can enjoy their safaris,” he says, “The new normal for our industry will be determined by our actions this year and thinking ahead like this is how we continue to offer the best service.”

Snow Africa Adventures is a proud member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) and International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC).

According to Florent, of the 600 local tour companies there are a only handful of local Kilimanjaro outfits who are committed to treating their mountain crews, including guides, chefs and porters to above industry standards. Paying good wages, providing good sleeping quarters and at least three square meals a day. The majority of crews in the industry survive of tips from clients. KPAP members pay crew wages instead of tips.

“As many families are directly reliant on tours during the Covid crisis they were unable to support themselves last year,” Florent reveals, “We worked with past clients to raise funds to purchase food stuffs for our crew to support their families during this difficult time.”

PRICE:   Safari mid-range is $385 per day per person average.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255 766 657 854

EMAIL: info@snowafricaadventure.com

WEBSITE: www.snowafricaadventure.com

*The Lost Executive Ltd is not responsible for any experiences had with Snow Africa Adventure, no matter how wonderful. Be responsible, do your research before booking.