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Serengeti Balloon Safaris. Africa by air.

Frankly, if you’ve never seen the African savannah from the air you should move it to the top of your bucket list. Floating high above the wildlife and landscape, basket-tourists have an indulgent and enlightened perspective that is unique to this form of safari. And, since their first balloon took to the skies in 1991, Serengeti Balloon Safaris have been writing the book on the creation of memorable and unique African experiences.

The culmination of years of hard work and experimentation, of creative thinking and most importantly engaging and listening to their guests, these forward-and-upward thinking travel fanatics have created a travel experience that is truly original. Perfect as either an addition to a safari adventure or as a standalone treat, their popularity is quite literally sky high.


With a post-covid contingent of 41 locally employed staff working on the ground and in the air, each safari lasts approximately five hours with one hour spent in the air. As Tanzania’s pioneering and most experienced balloon safari company it is the skills and know-how applied to each safari that keeps the balloons aloft as much as the hot air.

Including both a ground-based safari experience as well as one in the air, there are a few more challenges than what an average safari has to contend with. But it is absolutely worth the extra effort and it provides the most magical environment in which to experience the range and depth of wildlife and the endless expanse of the landscape. Not to mention the sort of enviable images for social media that have driven up the hashtag #balloonsafari.


Serengeti Balloon Safaris is also involved in several important projects within Tanzania including the Serengeti De-snaring Project which protects animals and local peoples from snares left by poachers. Plaster House, ALMC Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit and a focus on Tanzanian Communities and other important charities and projects as well as Carbon Tanzania.


Having put in place a dedicated Covid-19 Co-Ordinator, Serengeti Balloon Safaris has taken onboard all of the preventative measures in a proactive fashion. This includes the standard masks, washing of hands, taking of temperature and provision of hand sanitizer. Additionally, the baskets for the balloons are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before every trip and a document of requirements and precautions are made available to all guests prior to arrival.

“With preparation and forethought, we can all be protected while still enjoying the experiences,” John Corse, Covid-19 Co-Ordinator says.


The memories created by a Serengeti Balloon Safari will be treasured for the rest of a guest’s life, it is a truly remarkable experience. It also affords the kind of once-in-a-lifetime perspective of a land where you can see horizon to horizon and get an impression of just how massive and beautiful the Serengeti is and the huge catalogue of life and colour that exists there. All from a bird’s eye view.

PRICE: per person/night $530-$599

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255753353760

EMAIL: john.corse@balloonsafaris.co.tz

WEBSITE: www.balloonsafaris.com