East Africa Safaris


During an unrelated business trip to Tanzania in 2008, safari founder Sylwia Boniecka fell in love with the East African nation and decided that it was going to play a large part in the rest of her life. Prior to starting her safari company Hello Tanzania in 2010, she spent two years living in the country herself. During this time, she immersed herself in the local culture, spent time in the Shynjanga region and opened herself up to the vivid variety of life and beauty to be found there.

Sylwia, who was born in Poland, is a traveller, inventor, entrepreneur and has a master’s degree in Humanities Studies from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and a post grad in management. While only one of  her many projects, Hello Tanzania is closest to her heart, combining all of her skills and passions and is fuelled by an invigorating love for the country.


“Tanzania was love at first sight,” she says, “The warm seas of Zanzibar, the breath of the savannah, the white snows of Kilimanjaro and the always-impressive roar of the lion first thing in the morning… It was impossible to keep it to myself and I just wanted to share it.”

Authenticity in all things is important to Sylwia. So, she only works with born and raised African guides who know the language of the land both spoken by the people and the animals and whispered by the wind. Their tours bring people up close to wildlife, immerse them in local cultures and traditions and shares the secrets of East Africa.

“If you spend any time in Tanzania you come to understand that the people, the wildlife and the land are all interconnected in a beautiful tapestry,” she adds, “It inspires you and gives you a fresh perspective on your own life.”


Hello Tanzania, has integrated all of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation pertaining to the use of masks, disinfectants and social distancing to stop the spread of Covid 19. Additionally, during the worst periods of the pandemic they avoided organizing any safaris involving large groups.


Sylwia explains that she doesn’t just want to sell safaris but wants each of her clients to experience their own real life Tanzanian adventure. To do this properly she strives to engage with each customer. Even during the busiest seasons, Sylwia always ensures that she is on hand to speak with clients to discuss their plans and dreams and create a good outline of what they’re looking for.

“The last year provided an opportunity to spend even more time speaking with our clients both old and new,” Sylwia reveals, “As it was an uncertain time, I felt it was important to answer questions and provide information that could have affected their trips after the pandemic.”


Safari times span one day to two weeks and clients are brought as close to nature as possible while ensuring their safety and comfort. Their guides and their hospitality partners are selected for their reliability and standards. The tents and lodges are comfortable and provide a rich African atmosphere and aesthetics. Ensuring a perfect balance to the busy days of exploring.

PRICE: Per day/ 100€ to 500€

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +971551797277, +4915205204309, +255784229064

EMAIL: reservations@hellotanzania.com

WEBSITE: www.hellotanzania.com