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Elisomi Tours. Affordable World Class Safaris. East Africa.

Providing world class tours and safaris across East Africa, and fully Tanzanian owned, Elisomi Tours was founded in 2018 and quickly established itself as the definition of the African Experience. Owner Elisa explains that safari success comes from location, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Elisomi Tours take place in the most sought after and world-renowned tourist destinations. The world’s tallest free standing mountain Kilimanjaro or witnessing the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world in Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater AKA the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera or  Zanzibar Island with its blissful beaches and rich colonial history and culture.

“The wilderness in these areas is essentially pristine and is home to a diversity of wildlife species not seen anywhere else,” Elisa explains, “We use highly professional tour guides, and unlike many other companies we are distinguished by offering high quality and personalized services to our esteemed customers. We also have a wide range of partners that offer high quality accommodation ranging from campsites and lodges to hotels.”


Providing affordable tailored packages for their clients, Elisomi Tours specialize in identifying the key components that a client or group of clients, are looking for. Then they piece them together into a smoothly flowing well-orchestrated adventure holiday.

Including game safaris, mountain climbing, beach holidays, cultural tours and volunteering packages the aim is to always leave the customer wanting more. As part of their plans to improve this year, Elisa reveals that he’s looking at developing each aspect of the business to see what areas could offer even more.


It should be noted that the founders of the company have a strong background and passion for nature conservation. Therefore, supporting the environmental sustainability and peaceful co-existence of people and nature are among their top priorities.

“To bolster this ethos, we have also partnered with several organizations where sustainability is in the core of their business,” Elias adds.


Elisomi Tours take all necessary precautions to protect their customers during the safari. Their measures include testing temperature, wearing masks, washing hands and of course keeping socially distanced.  Their vehicles are comfortable and well ventilated, and always come with hand sanitizers. In addition, they only take their clients to accommodations where covid-19 precautions are taken just as seriously.


Subject to how the Covid-19 crisis evolves, Elisa reveals that their plan is to further enhance their safaris and tours to inspire more people with nature.  He believes that by bringing more people into the natural world will have a mutual benefit for both and will play a huge role in establishing the new normal for travel and adventure to come.

“We are also starting a student programme as a way to connect more young people with nature where they will have an opportunity to experience and learn about the land and the local communities living on it,” he says.

PRICE.  $100/ night

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WEBSITE: www.elisomitours.com

*The Lost Executive Ltd is not responsible for any experiences had with Elisomi Tours. No matter how incredible, thrilling and adventurous they may be. Always do your research before booking.