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255 Uncharted and Wildlife Explorer. Attention to detail in the New Normal.

After a visit to Africa in the 1970s, a spark was ignited inside wildlife lover and entrepreneur Gary Strand. This ember quickly blazed into a fire that has since forged the creation of not just one, but two highly respected safari businesses.  255 Uncharted and Wildlife Explorer.

Image Credit: Gary J Strand.


What is amazing, is that even after running his safari businesses for over four decades, Gary still gets excited and passionate about the possibilities and challenges of his industry. He is very conscious that for most people “a Real African Safari” is a big one on their bucket list and for many it is one that can only be scratched off once.

As such, each of his tours is custom crafted around the interests, available time and of course the budget of each of his customers. The guiding principle leading him, and his team is simple: be passionate about Africa, her lands, peoples, wildlife and her culture and strive to provide the very finest experiences for her guests.

255 Uncharted and Wildlife Explorer create the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that people, families and groups come to Africa for. These involve a range of things including big game country in Eastern and Southern Africa, visits to areas of important cultural significance like the Rock Hewn Churches in Lalibela, or lazily floating down the Nile aboard a historical steamship.


Guests can rest assured that Covid-19 precautions are taken very seriously with all of the tours whether with 255 Uncharted or Wildlife Explorer. Gary explains that they have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of their team and of their guests.

“Keeping abreast of the latest international recommendations our precautions include social distancing measures, mask wearing and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing our accommodations and vehicles,” Gary reveals, “All fifty-five of our team members have received formal training on these precautions to ensure a proactive approach to keeping all of our people safe.”


With each safari being individually designed and usually lasting around 10-12 days as a standard, there is one thing that Gary believes is essential for all guests: a good night’s sleep.

“Our safaris are unique and the unexpected often happens,” he explains, “We are also constantly updating and improving them, but the one constant must always be that guests must love where they sleep at night.”

All guests can enjoy the total exclusivity in each of their properties regardless of the size of the group. Their properties, which include tented camps and a small boutique lodge offer atmospheric hospitality with the promise of a deep and revitalizing sleep.


255 Uncharted and Wildlife Explorer are strongly committed to Carbon Tanzania which is a philanthropic and conservational project focused on offsetting their carbon usage and minimizing their already small impact on the environment. This has demonstrative benefits not only to the wildlife in the area but the communities that live there too.


With guest numbers finally increasing in 2021, Wildlife Explorer is meeting the rising tide of bookings with a new project that is set to expand their commitment to the local National Parks.

For example, the developments of their Osunyai Lamarkau Tented Camp are expected to not only bring in a wider audience of adventure seekers but also provide the best standard of the “new normal” required for customer peace of mind and enjoyment.

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PRICE/NIGHT: Dependent on adventure. Talk to Gary.

*The Lost Executive cannot be held responsible for any experiences had with Wildlife Explorer or 255 Uncharted. No matter how brilliant, perspective changing, adrenaline fuelled and spectacular they may be. Be responsible, do your research before booking.